Gordon injured, out of Summer League

Just saw this on ESPN.com:

The Los Angeles Clippers confirmed on Sunday that lottery pick Eric Gordon will miss the remainder of the NBA Summer League on the campus of UNLV with a strained left hamstring.

Gordon, who has shown some nice flashes in two games despite his struggles from perimeter, suffered the strain Saturday in a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.


  1. Now what would have happened if this had been a career ending injury? He has no college education, and no more pro ball. Granted this isnt a career ender, but what if.
    That just reaffirms my belief that college players should HAVE to go 4 years before entering the NBA draft!! Get an education first, then think about what you want to do with your lives. If then it includes the NBA, sure go for it. At least then they would have a back up if something goes wrong.

  2. Yep, no other player drafted has been injured so far, or will ever be injured. { / sarcasm }

    Seriously people, can we end the stupid comments?

  3. You’re right, Chip. But, they should have the option not to go to college at all.

  4. IU Jimmy, isn’t Derrick Rose injured? Anyways, I love the fact that he was putting up typical IU numbers. It was something like 9-28 from the floor and averaging 19 points per game. His rebound numbers however were pretty nice at a solid 6.5 a game.

  5. I am with Jimmy on this one. EJ has shown some nice flashes in his two summer games. I’m sure he is leading that group in scoring. He will get his shot under him. It takes all of the these guys time to learn the NBA game. Its not college. Fact of the matter is that he has been WAY better than Rose thus far. Rose is averaging almost as many turnovers as points before he went down.

    EJ is showing he can still get his points even when his shot isnt falling and that is what the best scorers do in the NBA. He is goingo to be fun to watch.

    He made the right decision.

  6. Jim I disagree with that. I think if they have the dream of pursuing an NBA career then they should not be allowed to go straight out of High School and should be required to attend at least 3 years of college. This one and done thing in my opinion is ridiculous!!!

  7. If his injury was career ending, then he has all of his millions from his guaranteed NBA contract and can afford to go back to college if he so choses.

  8. Chip, I don’t see how forcing players who have no interest in college to attend college for 3 years can be construed as a good thing. Forcing them to be ‘students’ for 3 years would seem to do nothing but encourage academic improprieties by players and schools to keep players eligible who don’t give a flip about getting an education.

    Also, why should playing in the NBA and going to college be linked? You say that aspiring pro basketball players should be required to attend at least 3 years of college. Surely you mean they shouldn’t be eligible to be drafted until 3 years have passed since their HS graduation? That’s the actual NFL rule, but given the lack of minor league or foreign football leagues, players just go to college, though they’re not technically required to do so. In basketball, they can play overseas, which I think is better than forcing them to go to college when they don’t want to.

  9. The one and done thing is ridiculous. However, first, I don’t see why at all it should be tied to college. As Eric said, the NFL rule doesnt specify college, and nor should the NBA rule. Fact is, if the NBA wasnt a struggling, largely uninteresting league and the NCAA not such a powerhouse, this rule wouldnt exist anyway.

    Second, I dont think there should be a rule at all. How can you deny a person a job? And deny a company the ability to hire a person they deem qualified for the job? If the real interest were protecting the integrity of “student”-athlete or in protecting the players’ ability to make their money, this rule wouldnt exist. It does, however, because the NCAA wants to protect its product.

    Your idea of the “back-up” plan is nice but too idealistic and just not practical for most. I have one IU degree and I’m currently working on the 2nd and 3rd, but, truth be told, if I were a frosh who absolutely knew I was going to the league I wouldnt jack around with school either. And, for what it’s worth, they can always go back to school if they have the injury. Or, more likely, someone in baskeball or someone prominent in the IU, Bloomington and/or Indy areas will help them find a job.

  10. Too bad Marco used up all of his eligibility playing for Mike Davis. He might have been able to win a starting spot on this year’s squad.

  11. I watched the game in which Gordon got hurt. He played great defensively. He had a couple of block shots and steals. He looked like he has trimed down a little bit. His outside shot wasn’t falling, but that didn’t discourage him. He is going to be good and Clip Joint fans loved him. BTW Al Thorton dominated the game.

  12. Hate to hear this – I hope for a full and speedy recovery for a guy I love to watch. The one and done player – or the not at all player – has forever changed NCAA basketball. I’m not happy about that, but it’s the truth. The outstanding 19 year old has no reason to get an education. Why would he spend four years getting a degree that would land him a job making 75k when he can make a gazillion playing basketball?
    College ball has changed, but it’s not dead. Not every great player is ready for the league at 19 or 20. Most are NEVER NBA material. I watch college ball to see kids playing with their hearts hanging right out there, the games where you know it’s for love, not money. With or without Eric Gordon, there will still be March Madness next year and you’ll fill out brackets.

  13. LOL – you think anyone graduating from Indiana is making 75,000/year? Try around 40,000 unless you are in a good major that pays well.

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