Hoops Weiss on Tom Crean

Dick “Hoops” WeissDick Weiss, who has been covering college basketball for 40 years now, penned a story that was given the headline “Tom Crean has tough job ahead in rebuilding Indiana hoops” for the New York Daily News.

I promise the story itself is more insightful than the headline

“Hoops,” as Dick is usually referred to, caught up with Crean in Las Vegas and somehow got him to stop and talk. Crean, he writes, has put 150 miles on his rental car already and is buzzing around trying to keep his current recruits happy and find future ones.

It’s a long story and much of it rehashes what you, as Hoosiers fans, lived through the past couple of months. Still worth a read, and a discussion here.


  1. There was nothing new in this story that wasn’t covered in previous stories about the team. But, it was a good story for the people that are not familiar with the situation that I.U. has be going though for the last six months.
    Weiss made the comment that: “The Hoosiers are predicted last in the conference.” I maybe going out on a limb here, I believe this team can win 20 games and finsh in the top five of the conference.

  2. Well, I hope that the team can beat Illinois twice, so we can tell Weber who “SUCKS.”

  3. Let’s talk about that muscrat on his head. That is one bad hair piece. I’d think he would staighten it before sitting for a picture. Wow.

  4. My strongest reaction to this story is the description of Assembly Hall as ‘fading.’ Fading how?? I guarantee that when Crean has a contender and IU is playing big games late in the season, or even early in the season, the place won’t seem to be ‘fading’ in the least. ‘Dusty banners’ I can take but ‘fading’ I have to disagree with.

  5. I honestly think that people will underestimate this team and think that it will be an easy win. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they won between 16 and 20 games this season.

  6. Oh, and as far as “Hoops” hair piece, yea that has got to go. Looks like he has a dead animal stuck to his head. LMAO

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