Hulls, Capobianco working together to improve

Here’s a story that ran in today’s paper, written by new guy H. Williams Kellenberger.Â


CINCINNATI — Indiana basketball history will likely remember both Bobby Capobianco and Jordan Hulls as coach Tom Crean’s first commitment and Hulls as the hometown kid with a family history intrinsically linked to the Hoosiers.

For now, though, they’re rising high school seniors that play on the same Indiana Elite AAU team.

“That’s the upper hand,” Capobianco said of he and Hulls playing together now. “Knowing what a guy thinks, how he plays.”

Sunday, the two played a major role in Indiana Elite’s 74-71 win over Capital City out of Pickerington, Ohio, during the It Takes 5ive Classic.

Hulls scored 14 points, including a pair of 3-pointers, with a couple of assists, while sharing point guard duties with former North guard Ray McCallum, now of Detroit Country Day.

“At South, I don’t run the point that much,” Hulls said. “It helps me a lot, especially playing with all these guys that are good players.”

Capobianco finished with 12 points and seven rebounds. He was obviously the most aggressive player on the court, resulting in a few early fouls that somewhat limited his minutes.

Both have been working on their games throughout the summer — Hulls on his strength and speed and Capobianco on his mid-range game, without his back to the basket. The IU commitments have also been a part of open court sessions with the current Hoosier team.

Hulls, by virtue of being in town, has played with the cast of newcomers more. He said people will be surprised by the group, who are expected to struggle.

“They look pretty good,” Hulls said. “Better than what people are going to expect. They’re going to play hard. It’s a fun group of guys.”

Capobianco, a Loveland, Ohio, native, has been to Assembly Hall once for the workouts.

“It’s hard to tell (about the team), because they’ve had no time with Coach Crean,” Capobianco said. “It’s a talented group.”


  1. I’m wondering if anyone has seen the new team at the HPER playing pickup. Last year I saw the team there with no coaches and it was awesome (except for the one coach working with Stemler and his flat, projectile-missle three pointers). I would love to stumble upon the current bunch and see Nick Williams in particular. It might be that they are under tighter reins with Crean and that they won’t be making public appearances.

  2. The way to catch them at the HPER is to figure out when they’ll be kicked out of Assembly Hall. Right now I can’t think of any upcoming events that would cause that, but it’s something to look for.

  3. Anyone see the updated rankings on Hulls’ stock is still rising. He’s listed as the #8 PG in the country and now a “4 star” guy(up from #13 and 3 stars). And he easily made the top 50…

    Some people have been critical of Crean’s recruiting of “unranked players”, or “3 star” guys. So this just goes to show you that I think he knows what he’s doing.

  4. Steve O, we usually agree on things. People who question why a player was recruited because they think they know better are the same ones who think they can call plays better than the O-coordinator for the football team. As if they really know why the guy called certain plays.

    I think IU will improve dramatically from ’08-’09 to ’09-’10. These recruits are promising and all of the recruits this year will be more experienced than most players with 1 year of major college experience, because they’ll all have to play this year. This season will be tough, but I’m tremendously confident about subsequent years.

  5. Eric- good point. Still, anyone could have done better than the O-coordinator’s call to put Ben Chappell in for one play on a 3rd-and-6 and have him throw a quick out against Northwestern.

  6. hahaha Husky, leave Ben alone! but yeah, I was going to say his stock was rising as well Steve O, saw that this morning actually! ..But still doesn’t even have Hullsie as top 150..

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