IU secures 12th commitment

Just got off the phone with Lawrence Barnett, a cornerback out of Fort Wayne Bishop Luers. He’s committed to IU for the class of 2009, giving coach Bill Lynch 12 verbal promises.

Barnett, a two-star recruit according to scout.com, said early playing time was his biggest reason for choosing Indiana over Michigan State and Central Michigan.

“I did a little bit of homework on them,” Barnett said in a phone conversation. “What their depth charts looked like.

“I’d rather go to a college where I can go in and compete for a position that is open, rather than a position that somebody already has.”

Barnett also has return ability. He said he return eight punts and kickoffs for touchdowns in 2007, though four were called back because of penalties.


  1. Nice. This gives us 8 3-star recruits in this class (according to Rivals), the most we’ve had in years. Plus, we have Jerimy Finch coming to Bloomington!

  2. The upper-classmen are gonna have a field day on his comments; especially Finch being one of the more talented players in the secondary.

  3. I dont think Jeremy need be worried about it until next year. The resounding theme around the program is that he is not going to be eligible this year. It would be nice to have him, but we already have a Senior SS in Kleinsmith and Austin Thomas is a very good FS.

    Welcome to IU Lawrence. Sounds like you have some serious speed. The MSU board is freaking out now thinking that Hammock is going to sign with IU as well. Make the call Tyquan!!

  4. Caleb, what MSU board are you looking at? That’s cool, I always like to antagonize conference foes, though MSU is one that I actually like. Now, if it was the Fighting Illness, it’s always good to stir them up about something!!

  5. No way is Tyquan coming to Indiana. It will be MSU probably and he even said that Indiana wasn’t really on his mind but he will look at it. Read the Fort Wayne papers, they have a good quote on it.

  6. That same article says that Hammock has no favorites at this point. He said he wasn’t sure if IU was the right fit, but I get the feeling that since he says he has no favorites, he would have said the same thing about MSU.

  7. MSU’s Scout site had an article on Hammock and they repeatedly referred to his school as “Indianapolis Bishop Luers”. Hopefully he saw that. They have since corrected it of course, but it was up most of yesterday.

    From what I can read on him he is still fairly open to most of the schools on his list, but I would assume it is between IU and MSU unless a big dog jumps in. The Barnett signing cant hurt us that is for sure. He seeme to want to make a committment by the end of August.

    FYI…..IU has reportedly received another committment this afternoon. Another 3-star. He has been unreachable this afternoon, so I will hold off on the name until its official, but you should see something come through later this afternoon.

  8. Caleb,

    Would you be talking about a player out of Warren Central? I heard he verballed today but it has not been confirmed.

    Anyone know if they are looking at Ernie Morris from B. South? He is not a highly ranked player, but this kid is an athlete, he is still a little raw, but is very, very fast. I watched him run a 4.31 40 this summer.

  9. Caleb, the big dog as in Michigan who he has either visited yesterday or visting today, or even Louisville who has already offered Hammock a scholarship? Both are bigger names than IU and MSU.

  10. Caleb, was that 4.31 in shoes on the track??? Seems a little fast for a high school kid in cleats on the field! I watched the combine in Indy and…well I am not saying it did not happen, maybe a quick stopwatch. I don’t know, sorry to question you.

  11. The player that committed has been at camp all day apparently, but you will see it come across later tonight.

    I suspect either Kiel or Baker are in for a position switch their freshman year. If they land Dolapo or Newton then definitely, but if neither then they both should go through as QBs with different strengths. Could come in handy with the bevy of WRs we have.

    Dont put Hammock in Michigan just yet. We have pulled some magic out of the hat so far and I dont anticipate that to change with what has happened tonight and what is on the horizon.

  12. J Pat – That 4.31 was on the turf at South.
    This was done at South’s combine after the combine was over, it was done by the coaches because Ernie wanted 1 more run.

    There were multiple watches, the coaches gathered round and compared them, and the 4.31 is what he was told.

  13. Thanks Mike. If he can catch and get that time consistently, he could come to IU on scholy if I was a recruiter. He could return all kicks. You cannot teach 4.3 speed, that is rare even at Big Time D1 Football schools.

  14. I am on Indiana’s side of course but to say “but I would assume it is between IU and MSU unless a big dog jumps in” whenever two big dogs are clearly in means that someone who likes to pay attention to detail isn’t paying attention to simple stuff like who has offered a kid. I would like to see Hammock at Indiana but I have already heard things like “The Luers teammates have also considered being college teammates. Going to the same college probably is doubtful now that Barnett has committed to IU”.

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