1. Sweet! A few encouraging words for Kellen:

    1) Stay healthy
    2) Hold on to the ball
    3) Go to class

    If you do all these things, I think you have an outside shot at 1st team all Big-10. I am excited. This is big.

  2. No one knows what the situation is so lets not start calling this a double standard (you know who you are). This was a Lewis and Lynch deal where nothing was made public so the public has to believe in Lynch’s decision.

    Can’t wait to see Lewis back on the field.

  3. Awesome…IU should have a chance to win 7 or 8 games if the key starters stay healthy and out of trouble. Perhaps better yet, IU could have a Top 40 recruiting class given the new facilities and the continuing upward momentum of the entire Football program.

  4. The congratulations should be directed at both Coach Lynch and Kellen Lewis, but not for the single reason that this young man is returning to a football and educational career opportunity at IU.

    I submit that our current IU Head Football coach comes from the same coaching mold that gave IU men like John Pont, Bill Mallory and Terry Hoeppner.

    Win or loose, IU football is a family affair.The men who are selected to run and lead this football family are indeed father figures to many of these young men who come here to have their lives directed, and in some instances completely changed.

    Welcome back to the IU football family Kellen Lewis, and thank you Bill Lynch.

  5. Does anyone know where James Bailey (WR) ended up? He probably would have been a starter this year had he decided not to leave the team.

  6. Hugh-


    “Lose” has one ‘o’. (Loose= my pants are too loose)

  7. Thank goodness. If he was seriously going to get kicked off the team for Marijuana, that would have been terrible.

    Now please learn to hold onto the ball. 29 turnovers last year is too much.

  8. This gives IU a little more hope for the season. I think there’s a slight chance they make a bowl.

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