1. OK, what is up with Kellen Lewis? I want him back and he will make or break the season, but this waiting is stupid! Lynch said all along we would know by the end of June. I hope one of you guys can shake the tree and get us some media info. I have heard a lot from around campus but I am wondering when we fans will have an answer from IU or the media. By the way, you guys do a heck of a job with this blog!

  2. There are always many things for IU Nation to discuss, often too many. However, here are the top three IU related thoughts in my mind:
    1. Kellen
    2. Kellen
    3. Kellen

    I understand there’s probably not much you can do until Coach and/or Kellen are ready to talk about it, but that’s top priority. Especially since the hoops team is gonna have a rough year, it was nice actually being competitive last year in football, I want a bowl trip again, and it’s getting to that point in the summer where I’m looking forward to football….Kellen, where are you?

  3. J Pat and Jim,

    We hope to know something official on Kellen Lewis soon. The indication I’ve gotten from various sources is that he will earn his way back onto the squad, but we know so little about the circumstances that I really hesitate to believe anything until I get something official.

  4. Kellen Lewis is indeed returning to the squad. Expect to hear something within the next couple of days FOR SURE. But its only a formality at this point.

  5. Bill,

    I believe he is still playing in Greece, but if you give me a few hours I might be able to find out more.


  6. Why is there a double standard for Lynch and Lewis? If Lewis was recruited by Sampson, everyone would be begging Crean to kick him off the team. I hope Kravitz writes a column about more hypocrisy at IU.

  7. Actually there is no double standard because no one knows what the situation was. All that we know was that it was not an academic situation and it was not a legal situation. So with those stipulations, its hard to hold a stance without knowing what is going on.

    How about you stop crying!

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