More on Hulls, Capobianco

Because of space limitations, I was unable to get in everything I wanted from my conversations with IU commitments Jordan Hulls and Bobby Capobianco.

Since, you know, the internet (thank you, Al Gore) is a limitless universe, I figured I would empty out the ol’ notebook (don’t know why I said that, because I recorded the interviews and my notebook just has a few questions in it, but anyhow).

The main thing for Hulls right now is preparing to play a Big Ten schedule. That means he’s trying to get stronger and faster.

“I need to build my endurance so I can play for a long, long time,” Hulls said. “Just keep the same motor running.”

I also asked Hulls about his shooting delivery, which can be quirky at times. For the most part, Hulls has the same shooting style coaches will teach and all good players perfect. But he’ll also, occasionally, almost shot put the ball, lifting it from his shoulder. If you’ve ever seen Shawn Marion, you know what I am talking about.

“When I do it too fast,” Hulls said. “Get it off quicker, I guess. I don’t even know it.”

It works, because Hulls drained a pair of 3-pointers.

As far as Capobianco, he admitted the Indiana Elite AAU team both he and Hulls played on was a little rusty, considering they had not played together in a month. He’s been working on getting away from playing the game with his back to the basket. At 6-foot-8, Capobianco can get type-casted as a straight big man in the high school game. At these AAU tournaments, and in college, he’s going to need more than a few post-up moves.

That’s why he is working at his mid-range game.

“With this team and with a lot of stuff we are doing, I’ve been playing more of a game where I am out on the wing and I am coming into the post,” Capobianco said. “A lot of it is playing in that middle, 15-foot range.”

In IU coach Tom Crean’s system, Capobianco will probably have to go out on the wing at times.

“I do see myself playing that swing game,” Capobianco said.


  1. Jordan impressed me most during the Edgewood game where obviously gassed, he continued to hustle and scrap like his life depended on it.

    He will be fine in Big Ten play, and IU will be better than most “experts” think over the next couple years.

    Although, Bloomington South with Hull, Turner, and the red headed junior (sorry, forget his name)in the middle will be a fun team to watch this winter.

  2. Ahh, interesting journalistic introduction, perpetuating the false assertion that Al Gore claimed to invent the internet. I didn’t know anyone still believed that myth.

    Hope your reporting is a little more accurate than your introduction.

  3. Hulls’ shot is not like Shawn Marion…….sorry Jordan, I guess Hugh doesn’t know you well!!!

  4. Southside Pride,

    Have they forgot to teach comprehension and reasoning skills at South now? Your comment almost makes me sad to say I am a Panther alumni.

    He is not comparing Jordan’s normal shot to that of Shawn Marion, he made the statement of it being something that happens “occasionally” when Jordan rushes his shot, and the statement was even backed up by Jordan’s own words. Apparently that bit of information you never read or failed to process.

  5. Mike P,
    You make mountains out of mole hills………….relax. Do you spend your time on this board to criticize the vocab and comprehension of messages? I don’t think that is the point is it? I guess we are not as smart as you………..sOuTh grad and Iu AluM

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