New football field installation underway


Just released by IU in what reads like an advertisement for FieldTurf – an announcement that work has started on a $406,680 playing surface at Memorial Stadium. The bulk of that expense is to be paid by insurance money, according to the release.

According to IU athletics spokesman J.D. Campbell, the field will be done in time for the drum and bugle corps competition to be held in Bloomington in early August.

Here’s the entire release:

Bloomington, Ind.–FieldTurf, the world leader in artificial surfacing, made further inroads in the prestigious Big Ten Conference when it was selected by Indiana University for installation at Memorial Stadium. The announcement was made by IU Associate Athletic Director Jack Garrett and FieldTurf Tarkett CEO Joe Fields. The state-of-the-art FieldTurf surface will get its official debut on August 30 when the Hoosiers’ football squad opens the 2008 season against Western Kentucky.

Indiana becomes the sixth Big Ten school to have FieldTurf as its official stadium surface, joining Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Additionally, Penn State and Purdue utilize FieldTurf as a football practice surface. More…FieldTurf Tarkett have proposed installing a 2.5 inch DuraSpine Monofilament Turf. The total cost for removal of the old turf and installation of the new product is projected to be $406,680. Insurance will cover the majority of the expenses.

”We are very appreciative of the way in which the university has responded to our needs,” said Associate Athletic Director Jack Garrett. “They have allowed us to expedite the process in order to provide our coaches and student athletes with a top of the line product in FieldTurf. For that we are very grateful.”The Hoosiers, who will play eight games this season in Memorial Stadium, will open up the 2008 campaign August 30 against Western Kentucky. Training camp will begin on August 4.”Everyone’s cooperation in the face of a very unique situation is much appreciated,” said IU Head Football Coach Bill Lynch. “We look forward to a great season and to using our new state-of-the-art FieldTurf.”

More than 50 major NCAA universities have FieldTurf in their stadiums…besides the Big Ten schools mentioned above, others with FieldTurf include Nebraska, West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Boston College, Rutgers, Kansas State, Ball State, Louisville and Missouri. Twenty-one of the NFL’s 32 teams use FieldTurf at their stadium and/or practice facility. In addition, MLB’s Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Minnesota Twins and Toronto Blue Jays have FieldTurf at their respective stadiums.

“There’s no question that the Big Ten is truly one of the nation’s ‘power’ conferences, and everyone at FieldTurf is excited to have yet another Big Ten school select our product,” said Fields. “Coach Lynch is building upon the fine football program at Indiana, and we’re thrilled to be on board as one of the cogs in the Hoosier football machine. I know that Coach Lynch and his players will find their new FieldTurf surface to be a considerable upgrade in terms of playability and safety, and we are confident that Hoosier fans will also find it to their liking.”


  1. Doug,

    When you say work has started, do you mean they are currently putting down the new carpet(Field Turf)? I thought removal and repair started weeks ago.

  2. Mike, I went by at 11 AM with my kids this morning and they had just finished the north endzone and it is a NICE red!!! They had to work the drainage from what I understand and it was obvious today that a lot of layers of rock and sand had to be put down with a perfect crown. There were around 20 or so rolls all numbered ready to lay down. Pretty neat actually!!!

  3. J Pat,

    I watched them install the Surface at Bloomington South last year. It is pretty cool to watch. I might just head up there this afternoon to check it out.


  4. Mike,

    Yes, I mean that they’ve just started putting down the new surface. I was just over there and they’ve done the north end zone and the first 10 yards of the field on that end. I’ve just posted a photo of how things looked out there early this afternoon.

  5. Why do the reds not match. I mean on the field, on the fence, and in the stands?

    This is odd that we cannot get the same color.

    But the field looks good, can’t wait to see it in person

  6. That’s a good point – it’s not “crimson”, it’s red.

    Please re-do the end zone font too.

  7. I have a buddy that is in the Athletic dept at another D1 school and different companies such as Nike, Adidas, champion, have a different shade so over the years…this happens. I asked the same question. Even though it has always been Cream and Crimson, I like the bright reds, especially at the stadium. That is just my opinion though. The pics make it hard to see but I was there this morning and it all blends fine!

  8. We do seem to have a hard time matching up our colors, but it looks fine to me. Go look at Wisconsin’s field to see red. The “crimson” in our end zone looks good, IMO.

  9. It will not be this dark when they are finished. When Bloomington South had their field installed last year, the purple was very bright, and appeared much lighter in color than the traditional South purple.

    After the Field was put down, all the stripes completed, and they backfilled the turf with the sand/rubber combination, the purple deepened in color and became much more of a rich color.

    I would think this would be the same situation here, and the red will be much deeper and closer to a crimson when all said and done.

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