Notre Dame hires a possible IU AD candidate

No one is confirming it, but it appears Notre Dame has hired Indianapolis attorney Jack Swarbrick as its new athletics director.

A variety of places have the story, but the South Bend Tribune’s story had a particularly interesting twist:

“If it’s true, Notre Dame has just hired a brilliant, brilliant man who has a great feel for intercollegiate athletics and is, I think, everything Notre Dame would want in an athletic director,” said Bill Benner, former vice president of Indianapolis Sports Corp., where Swarbrick served as chairman for eight years, in a phone interview Tuesday. “I’m only upset because I wanted Indiana University to hire him. IU needs him more.”

Swarbrick was bandied about as a candidate for Rick Greenspan’s job, as well as Myles Brand’s. He was chairman of the Indiana Sports Corporation, helped to bring the 2012 Super Bowl to Indianapolis and was the driving force behind the NCAA locating its offices in Indianapolis.

He’s also a resident of Bloomington, who went to Notre Dame for his undergraduate degree and went to Stanford Law.


  1. If he’s as great as he sounds, perhaps McRobbie should do like Sampson with Eric Gordon: disregard his commitment to someone else and pursue him vigorously until he agrees to come to IU ….. hey, it worked once, it’s worth a shot …….

  2. Glenn-

    I was being sarcastic.

    No one dislikes Sampson more than I dislike Sampson.

    Get a clue.

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