Scouting the scouted

In a lot of ways, in ways that have been discussed repeatedly over the years, AAU basketball is deplorable. It values the individual over the team, the coaching can be suspect and it encourages bad (i.e. lack of fundamentals) basketball.

But it’s also a tremendous place to figure out who exactly is being recruited, and to what degree. Even though coaches can’t talk to players, they make their intentions well-noticed, by finding a prominent place to watch the kid’s game.

So, while at the Kentucky Hoopfest in Louisville earlier this week, I jotted down some notes on the future recruits that IU assistant Tim Buckley was watching.


Stephan Van Treese (PF, Indiana Elite One): Few players in this class have been as scrutinized as much as Van Treese. Tom Crean and UCLA coach Ben Howland both watched him a week ago in Cincinnati, and sent assistants to scout Indiana Elite One’s games in Louisville.

He moves extremely well for a big man (6-foot-8, 220 pounds). At his best, he’s a bit of a finesse player, reacting off a guard’s movements and getting himself open. He let the game come to him in Louisville, and had a nice day (10 points, six rebounds, two steals off entry passes). It was a much different performance from Cincinnati, where he turned the ball over and shot poorly. The overriding thinking on Van Treese is that if he’s coached well, he can become a complete player at some point during his college career. He has not been offered by Indiana, as the new coaching staff decided to take some time to evaluate him.


Marquis Teague (PG, Spiece Indy Heat): Every coach in the building was watching as Teague played against a pretty good opponent on Thursday. What they saw was a quick guard who can shoot and drive the lane, and was a decent passer for his age. There’s a playground aspect to his game — he said he likes to try to shake an opponent up. Maybe that fits in with Crean’s wide-open style of play, but it would certainly be a departure from the kind of player IU has typically brought in.

Teauge said afterwards that IU is on his list, with Cincinnati, Ohio State, Purdue and Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons stand out, because of geographical proximity, but his brother, Jeff, plays there. Jeff will have left the school by the time Marquis (pronounced Marcus) would be coming. Teague said he will take his time during this process, and not commit early.

Ryan Taylor (SF, Indy Fastbreak): It was difficult to get a read on Franklin. For one thing, he barely played because of foul trouble. When he did, the guard-driven pace of the game put the big man’s skills on the back burner. At 6-foot-6 and growing, Franklin should eventually become a very good power forward. He has obvious athleticism, and a nose for the ball. Franklin plays high school ball for Lawrence North, and said IU coaches have expressed an interest in him. Florida, Purdue, Ohio State and Cincinnati are also in the mix.

Spencer Turner (G, Indiana Elite One): A few minutes into Indiana Elite One’s first game Thursday, a parent started screaming that Turner’s defender needed to get out on him. Problem was, Turner just kept on stepping further away from the 3-point line. He made five 3-pointers in that game, scoring 21 overall. IU is tops on his list right now, with UNC, Purdue and Duke following. The South product is a tremendous shooter, and he is making strides with his defense.

Marshall Plumlee (C, Indiana Elite One): The youngest Plumlee brother, Marshall is a true low-post player and is already 6-foot-8. He’s also 175 pounds, so he needs (and will) fill out. For his size, he is quick and capable of keeping up with smaller opponents. It’d be interesting to see him in a game where he is the focus of the offense. He had to settle here for loose balls and rebounds. I didn’t get a chance to speak with him, but his recruitment is considered open.

Cody Zeller (F, Indiana Elite One): Like Plumlee, Zeller is the youngest of a group of basketball-playing brothers. He’s more of a power forward, and has some real skill. Like Tyler, he’s more of a finesse player than a bruiser. His recruitment is still very early, as he said he is collecting and filling out questionnaires from different schools. IU is among them.


  1. 2011 is amazing. I think its quite possible you could take Teague, Taylor, Turner, Plumlee and Zeller and they would lose on the court to other elite 2011 prospects from Indiana. IU has offered Davis, really likes Gant the super stud from Terre Haute who is up to 6’9 now and extremely athletic and smart, then there’s Deng Leek from Sudan who is 6’11 and the Chandler kid who called a better prospect than Teague and Plumlee a couple of days ago. And Springmann from up by Ft Wayne is going to be extremely good. And that’s just getting started.vbg

  2. Great article, Hugh.
    The state of Indiana has a loaded class for 2011. Time to bank those schollies!

  3. Chandler is done growin at about 6’5 i dont think hes the kind of player we want. He’s probably ranked really high because he was 6’3′ in 6th grade and was one of the highest ranked players in the country his stock will fall over time.

  4. We must not be talking about the same Chandler. I’m talking about Michael Chandler for Indy Fastbreak, he’s a center listing at 6’9 and looks every bit of it with long arms to give him better reach.

  5. IU offered Davis? Who is Davis? Dee Davis from North who is headed south?

  6. 2011 is a great year IN INDIANA. 2010 also has a number of kids headed currently by Harrison Barnes, Josh Smith and Russel Byrd that all have offers from IU. Keep in mind that currently IU has 3 offers to give out in 2010 and that should be reduced by at least 1 more with the 09 class. So you are looking at 2 scholys to realistically give out in 2010. They will only gain one more with Rivers departure for 2011. Transfers and the such should be expected but not counted on and that would leave an estimate of possible 1 or 2 scholys to give out for the loaded 2011 class.

  7. ya we were talkin about a different one i was thinkin of the one at pike that plays on teagues aau team

  8. To my knowledge, IU has not offered Dee Davis a scholarship.

    The Davis being referenced in the comment, I think, is Jeremiah Davis out of Muncie. He has been offered.

  9. Class 2011 does look like it will be a good year there will also be some surprises in the point guard. I spotted a fast point guard who plays for Field house Elite Kings Court, that can pass, drive the lane can pull up an shoot, has gotten better in his three point range. This young man can do it all. Where has he been, I seem him again in Las Vegas at the Main Event he avg 20 point a game and carry the team on his back, he is about 5’8″ around 145 to 150lbs and very fast. I hear he play for Pike High school with Teague and Chandler. This young man name is Alex Gardner

  10. Yes Alex Gardner is a very good point guard. I would watch out for him and Teague and Chandler.
    Pike should do very well this year.

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