Suel won’t suit up for Hoosiers

Even as Indiana adds players to its possible 2009 football recruiting class, it found out it is losing a 6-3 wide receiver that was supposed to join the team in August.

Marquelo Suel, who starred for Harding in Fort Wayne, did not qualify academically and now plans to attend Division II Northwood University in Michigan, according to the Fort Wayne News-Setinel.

In an article proclaiming him the newspaper’s choice for “PrepSports Boys Athlete of the Year” for his work in football, basketball and track, writer Reggie Hayes reports that Suel could not achieve an SAT score that would allow him to be accepted.

“It was disappointing (to lose the Indiana scholarship) because I was trying to work harder than what I did before,” Suel told the paper. “But I just couldn’t get in. Now I just have to take a new route to achieve my goals.”


  1. First off, this broke Tuesday night. 2nd of all, as a high schooler from the Fort Wayne area, I would not want any of these kids to come to IU to play sports. They all have their own troubles. I can only name 2 from the past 7 or so years that have done really well and kept their noses clean(DaMarcus Beasley and Anthony Spencer, and please don’t even get me started on James Hardy).

  2. I think ZackRoyse paints with too wide of a brush regarding the high school football talent from Ft Wayne area high schools.

    I won’t mention all names in order to refrain from forgetting a name or two, but there is a kid at COlumbia University from FW Snider that could have attended a number of Big Ten schools but opted for an Ivy League education instead. He is setting all sorts of records as a kicker. FW Snider has 8 players at Ball State all of whom are good citizens, students and players. I’ll mention Travis Crazens at Miami of Ohio, who also could have attended a few Big Ten schools but opted for Oxford, OH instead. IU’s own punter last season was from FW Homestead. There are a couple of kids from FW Dwenger HS playing at Notre Dame. Within the past seven years, I think, Trai Essex from FW Harding HS played at Northwestern and now plays for the Pittsburg Steelers. There is also a kid from Wayne HS that played at Iowa and is a punter in the NFL. Finally, Jason Fabinni is the left OT for the Washington Redskins. He is from FW Dwenger. All of these guys are clean and made the best of their athletic talent by going to school. So let’s not include everyone from FW high schools as so called bad kids.

  3. Bummer. He would have seen some serious PT at IU next year. NOw I see why IU continues to load up on wide receivers even in 09. I think Duwyce will be a Hoosier and they have already signed Chester who is widely regarded the best WR in Michigan in 09.

    Thats too bad, though, when a kid has to take a step or two down because of grades. Its a good chance for Tandon to show us what he can do as a frosh as well as speedster Adetona.

    On a side note, it says D-Will ran a 4.40 40 in high school. If that is true he is going to be a beast. Thigpen also ran a 4.40 40 coming out of high school. The difference is Thigpen was 5-10 185 and D-Will is 6-0 200. Darius was a big recruiting coup for Lynch last year.

  4. Two of the kids at Ball State were the ones that traded their books in for cash. The kicker for Columbia’s last name was Rochell. Look at the top kids Indiana has recruited though, Payton and Bustamante being the opposite. James Hardy and now this. It took Bernard Pollard 5 times to get a 750 on the SAT in high school, John Goodman has a drug problem, Mi’Quale Lewis isn’t as clean as they come either. I may have jumped to conclusion as I didn’t look to far into the picture, but I was just going on Big Ten players(Charles Bailey transferred to DII to improve draft stock haha and Artis Chambers was ineligible last year for Michigan).

  5. Are you guys actually arguing about whether all kids from Ft.Wayne are bad characters? Maybe we should stop recruiting in Indy and Chicago, too -I hear that criminals live there.

  6. well dis is true fact marquelo suel didnt go to northwood. he’s at ay juco in cali. called allan hancock. in he plans on cuming back to the hoosiers…

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