Your preseason questions about the ’08 Hoosiers

With Big Ten Football Media Day in Chicago arriving at the end of this week, we’d like to hear what you want to know about this year’s team.

Along with a couple of hundred or so other reporters from Big Ten country, we’ll be listening to Bill Lynch and the rest of the conference’s coaches talk about their teams on Thursday. So that will be one opportunity to ask Lynch a few questions.

Then we’ll have group interviews with Lynch, Greg Brown and Marcus Thigpen on Friday, so that’s a chance to talk with them in more depth.

What questions do you have for Lynch, Brown and Thigpen? If you’ll post them here as comments, we’ll do our best to get as many of them answered as we can.


  1. Did your coaching staff have anything to do with deciding the schedule this year, and if so what was your rationale when picking the worst non-conference schedule in the country?

  2. I can tell you right now what the rationale is……wins. And most non-conference games are scheduled years in advance.

  3. Questions:
    1. Does using the the no-huddle offense potentially open the door for the defense to be on the field alot? This may happen because of two reasons, scoring too fast or three and out.
    2. Either way, is the defense deep enough to withstand the possible increased minutes on the field?
    3.After the Purdue game, what is the most game on the schedule?
    4. How many freshmen will play, and will any of them play a significant role this season?

  4. 1. First of all, our defense is already always on the field but really what we are hoping to do with the no huddle offense is not give other teams the option to huddle. People commonly confuse the no huddle offense with the hurry up offense. As you see with the Colts, a no huddle offense doesn’t mean you use less time off the clock (as Peyton is often running right up against the play clock on each possession), you simply give yourself the option of keeping the defensive oppostion on the field while the offense gets to the line fast and then calls the plays from there. Thus allowing Kellen to take a quick snap to catch too many men on the field or to catch a team off guard while in certain coverages throughout the game. Its a complex offense that takes more signals but can be very rewarding if you have the right types of players.

    2. Each year the defense is getting deeper and deeper in where our 1st string is not that far and away better then our 2nd string so yes we are deep enough if we do happen to have increased minutes on the field.

    3. The easy answer would be “either of the other 2 wins needed to become bowl eligible” but to be more straight forward, I will have to say our home game versus Iowa.

    4. I never discount any player before the season ends let alone before it begins. That said, I also have a hard time guaranteeing a player will play before they have even suited up for the school. But lets go with Tandon Doss or Darius Willis for the sake of giving a quality answer.

  5. Thanks Jimmy, I mean Coach Lynch. I guess you are his voice for the people or something?

    And I understand the rationale might be wins, but the worst non conf schedule in the country?? I guess he REALLY NEEDS those wins huh? I guess he wants to make sure there is NO WAY IU can lose those games… What a joke. Might as well put Bloomington South on the freakin schedule.

  6. My mistake. I thought these were questions for the conference. I would have prefered an coach or a player’s remarks but it appears that you know it all.

  7. Is there any chance of playing Marcus Thigpen in a position similar to what Reggie Bush played a few years back at USC as half-reciever/half-running back?

  8. Well, its pretty obvious what the rationale is. ans as I said, most non-conference games are scheuled years in advance, so I really doubt Lynch had anything to do with this year’s schedule, or last year’s.

    Personally, the only team I would like to see added to the schedule is Kentucky, but they agreed to end the series for the same reason we did….an extra home game/win.

  9. Coach, last year you were 0-5 against the top 5 rushing offenses you faced. In all 6 losses, the team gave up 172 yards or more rushing. In all 7 wins, the team gave up less than 115 yards rushing.

    It’s clear that it’s important to stop the run, especially in this conference. What is your plan to do so and what adjustments are you making from last year.

  10. Steve O and Jay,

    I understand your stance of the questions you asked being directed for the coaches.

    What is wrong if another poster takes a shot at answering your questions?

    There is a multitude of posters on here, ranging from the extremly ignorant to the very well informed. When others answer a question you ask, it opens the door for a discussion between all of us who enjoy these boards. That is what makes them worth comming back to.

    Mike P.

  11. Tyler Adetona had a monster year as a high school senior – any chance he gets into the mix into the receiver corps as a Freshman?

    Also, how is Tyler Replogle’s knee coming along? Is there a possibility he might be red-shirted this year?

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