New football depth chart released Monday

The two-deep has redshirt freshman Chris Adkins as the starter at one cornerback, along with Christopher Phillips. So it appears that Adkins may have won the battle with Donnell Jones and Richard Council for that spot.

The QB spot is still undecided on the two-deep. It lists Ben Chappell or Kellen Lewis as the starter.

The two-deep is actually three-deep at running back, listing Marcus Thigpen, Bryan Payton and Demetrius McCray in that order.

You can check out the entire depth chart that IU released below:



  1. What the h*ll?! If Lewis and Finch are not starters then Lynch should be fired. Lewis was second team All Big Ten and Finch was playing at UF. Last I checked, this wasn’t USC, we are two or three deep with All Americans at each position. If Chappell is the starter, I GUARANTEE there will be no bowl appearance. 4 wins at best.

  2. Outstanding overreaction. Really, well done.

    Seriously though, can we at least play a game before bringing out the “FIRE LYNCH!!!!111!1!” comments?

  3. Brad,

    Yes Kellen was a 2nd team All Big Ten. Kellen also got himself suspended from the team, missed all spring and summer workouts, and has not looked sharp in camp. Yet Chappell has been running the hurry up offense since this spring, he has been there every practice and workout, and from most reports and what I have seen live, he has out played Lewis.

    This team will be more than fine with Chappell. Maybe not as exciting to watch as when Lewis is back there, but honestly would be a more sound offensive team if the nod went in favor of Chappell over Lewis.

    As for Finch. Yes he played at UF last year. He also broke his ankle and was out from the 3rd game of the year. By his own admission he is not 100% yet, though he has looked close.

    Now you think that during Spring practice and summer workouts Finch was at UF and then fixing apparent academic issues so he could transfer here. He now has just a few weeks in a new system and only got clearance to play for this year late last week. The coaches had to prepare players that they knew were eligible to play in those spots, then had to prepare players they knew were eligible to be the back ups to those starters. Finch was neither of them through the first 3 weeks of practice.

    Now you also need to think about the fact that both Nick Polk and Austin Thomas were starters for this defense last year, that means not only were they ahead by being here for spring practice and summer workouts, but they also have at least a year of real time game action in this defensive scheme.

    I guess it doesn’t matter to you that Austin Thomas lead the team in tackles last year, and that Polk was 5th on that list, and since McClurg and Porter are gone, he is 3rd on the list of returning players.

    I admit I am a huge fan of Jerimy Finch. I am pretty sure he will see plenty of playing time. However I am not ignorant enough, nor am I naive enough to think he should be the hands down starter just because he was highly ranked out of high school and played 2-1/2 games for UF, especially when we are talking about him playing behind 2 of our best defenders last year.

    But by all means, fire Coach Lynch because you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about and think you are a smarter than a career coach.


    You ready for some football???

  4. I really think you can’t overvalue performances in camp, because practicing in shorts when you are not allowed to be tackled is nothing compared to in-game experience, where we have seen first hand Lewis is better than Chappell. I understand Lewis has to earn his way back to the starting job, but didn’t he already serve his suspension? Why should he be punished even further? I am not surprised he hasn’t done as well in camp, because in practice QB’s usually discouraged from scrambling, and if he is practicing with 2nd and 3rd teamers they just aren’t as good and won’t help his numbers any. I agree with your assessment on Finch though. When he is 100% healthy and if he is better than Thomas or Polk, he will play, and I think he is better than both of them and by the end of the year he will be starting.

    I would have liked to have seen DeMarlo Belcher on the depth chart though, he should be pretty good. I am worried that Fisher is too small to be effective as #2 and Belcher could be good in that role as a freshman

  5. Mike great response I think you are hitting things right on the head. Thomas was the leading tackler on the team last year and everyone seems to discount that. They say he can not work in coverage or other things because of what happened last year. Fact is he had to make a lot of plays that our Backers should have made and when your spending that much time coming up in the box its easy for people to think thats all you can do. On the depth chart is would not read to much into the wr’s. Fisher is an inside reciever and should be good to work on the bubble screens and spot routes and then work in space.Evans and Dedmond will rotate in when more size is needed but they are not listed accuratly with Evans behind Means. Turner and Means will be outside and both are bigger there.

  6. Ricky,

    To a point I agree. You can’t overvalue them, but when you run an offense that is based on timing (like the hurry up they are using), the repetitions do make a world of difference.

    Lewis and Chappell have split reps with first team. I watched Lewis and he is still rusty, he is forcing throws and is lacking that needed little touch.

    Lewis has the game experience, but there is no way possible to say you have seen first hand that Lewis is better than Chappell. Chappell has played in a very limited role.

    If you are going to judge Chappell by the one pass play against Northwestern, then you really have no idea the player he is or his ability. He seen time in 3 games, 2 blowouts and the 1 play at NW, he threw 2 passes all year, a 14 yard completion for a first down to run out the clock, and the one at NW. Hardly a basis for you to judge what he can or can’t do.

    I know Ben personally, have watched him play since he was a kid. I know the arm he has, and I know what he is capable of under center. I have a biased toward him, and I will admit that.

    Even with that, I know Kellen is the better athlete and brings a needed dimension to the spot that Ben just doesn’t have. I have no doubt that Kellen will be the starter before the first Big Ten game this year, but he will have to earn that spot against a very good QB in Chappell.

    I still look for Chappell to get the starting nod on Saturday against W. KY, and I fully expect to see him and Lewis split the duties for the next few weeks.

    Fisher will be fine. I am like you, I would like to see a bigger body than Fisher spread out wide, and see Fisher in the slot. He has good hands and makes himself hard to tackle after the catch.

    I also agree with you that Finch is a better player than Thomas or Polk, and he will earn a spot before the end of the season when he is 100% and has the defense down. He is listed under Thomas, and like I said, prospect or not, you don’t sit down the leading tackler from the previous year for a kid that is not showed his worth as of yet.

  7. Re: Darius Willis

    Is it really possible that we have three backs better than Willis? Thigpen offers very little between the tackles and Payton has only shown flashes.

    Is this a case of Willis not being as good as advertised or significant improvement among the returners? Just seems odd that a kid heralded as one of the best recruits to come our way in recent years can’t earn a spot in the rotation.

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