A few free throws on Friday afternoon

Thoughts on Indiana basketball and college hoops in general . . .

  • No word yet on Indiana’s third assistant coach. Tom Crean has said that he wasn’t in any rush to fill the position because, per IU’s self-sanctions, that person would not have been able to recruit. Well, that part of the sanctions — as well as restrictions on how many times the basketball staff can contact recruits — expired yesterday. So there should be movement there soon. It will be interesting to see if Crean, who so far has  hired only people he’s worked with before, brings in what Gary Parrish of CBS calls a free-agent assistant.
  • Christian Watford told Louisville Courier-Journal recruiting writer Jody Demling, who hit the late July circuit hard, that Indiana coaches have called him their “No. 1 target.” That makes sense. Watford’s a dynamic scorer whose game is similar to former Indiana recruit Devin Ebanks. He’s 6-7 and, in the games I’ve seen him play, has effortlessly dominated the unique summer-style games. Watford may make the trip to Bloomington for an elite camp taking place later this month.
  • Marshall Plumlee may attend the same camp, according to Mike Pegram and Peegs.com. Both of Plumlee’s older brothers are headed to Duke, but the sophomore-to-be is still early in his decision-making process. Indiana is also following the development of Cody Zeller, younger brother of Notre Dame’s Luke and North Carolina’s Tyler. Think about what those families have seen: their kids have been recruited by three different IU head coaches and probably three or four or five different assistants.
  • Parrish has an interesting story on elite camps, by the way. In my two years here I haven’t caught on to IU pulling this trick. Anybody who’s been around longer think of an instance where this took place here?


  1. If we add Watford, our 2009 class will be complete, and should end up being a top 10 class nationally, I’m guessing. This gives Crean ALOT of time to focus on IU Basketball’s future, including the 2010 and 2011 classes which are STACKED!!

    Please Chrisitan, make the right choice!!

  2. About the assistant coach–our sanctions are expiring, but the NCAA’s haven’t started. Maybe Crean’s holding off on that because he figures the NCAA may extend the sanctions?

    About Christian Watford–sounds like what we need. Who else is he considering??

    About the elite camps–I certainly hope IU doesn’t operate in this way, but I wouldn’t put much past Sampson and his crew.

  3. About the elite camps – Does anyone know if this different from the Adidas May Classic that’s held on IU’s campus?

  4. The adidas May Classic is actually a tournament held in Bloomington. There’s no camp associated with it. Indiana does hold Elite camps throughout the summer but they are intentionally not publicized.

    It’s against NCAA rules for a school to hold an invitation-only camp. So what happens is that schools hold “open” camps and make sure that the players who know about them are top recruits.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that the the AAU will ultimately be the downfall of college basketball. The elite camps, preferential treatment of the players & coaches, living on the edge of the rules. If the elite camp thing is creative and apparently legal for the time being it most certainly goes against the spirit of rules, it seems to me. I hope IU and TC are extremely cautious in this area. No need for further scrutiny.

  6. Watford is also considering Louisville (though I am not sure they are considering him any longer), Memphis and Kentucky. Memphis just self-reported an elleged secondary violation (phone related actually), but I dont think that will play much of a role.

    IU has as good a shot as any. He is the #1 priority, but there are a handful of quality guys to fall back on if Watford goes elsewhere.

  7. Stay away from all Plumlees and Zellers. Totally worthless pursuits. They and their haughty families have shunned IU enough – let’s spend our time with people who actually want to come here.

    More importantly, these guys are severely overrated. They are perfect second rate Duke-and-Stanford white guys who will be selling cars or hot dogs in 6 or 7 years.

  8. I personally know the Plumlees. What your saying couldn’t be further from the truth. They are wonderful people that put their children’s education first. all of these boys are national honor society students. Sampson screwed up by not offering Miles a scholly when he offered Mason. Mason was on the 18 and under national team that played in Argentia. These boys won’t be selling cars anytime soon. I also think it’s pretty immature to take a swipe at young men that haven’t even attended college yet.

  9. I knew it’d be you that came to the rescue of the Plumlees, Cap’n. You may have a pleasant personal relationship with the Plumlee family, but that doesn’t mean that your assessment of them is correct.

    National Honor Society? Fantastic. Go to Duke then, or Stanford, like I said. When your basketball skills are no longer good enough to take to the next level (very soon for the Plumlees and the Zellers), go get an MBA, the most overrated degree on the planet. Then go manage a Krispy Kreme or a Chase Bank. Just please stay away from Indiana.

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