AD search committee named

Just got this release and am passing it quickly along to you guys. Thoughts on it later.


Bloomington, Indiana–Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced today (Aug. 1) that he has appointed a 13-member committee of faculty, administrators, alumni and Athletic Department representatives to begin a nationwide search for a new athletics director.

The search committee will be chaired by IU Vice President for Engagement Bill Stephan. An Indiana native, Stephan is an attorney by profession with extensive experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. In 2005, he became senior vice president for corporate communications and community relations for Clarian Health in Indianapolis, one of the nation’s largest health care systems. Previously, he had been IU’s vice president of university relations and corporate partnerships.

Stephan returned to IU in the fall of 2007 to assume his current position.

“I am extremely pleased that Bill Stephan has agreed to lead this important search,” McRobbie said. “Bill’s longstanding commitment to excellence at Indiana University and the strong personal and professional relationships he has cultivated across the state make him the ideal person to chair this committee.

“Bill will be working with a group of distinguished individuals, all of whom care very deeply about the university. I am confident that, under his leadership, we will find a director who has the experience necessary to lead our Athletic Department into the future and who will embrace the tradition and values of the university.”

The new athletics director will replace current Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan, who announced on June 26 that he would step down from the position, effective the end of the calendar year.

“I look forward to working with President McRobbie, our very accomplished committee and our many friends and supporters of IU, all of whom are committed to bringing forth exceptional candidates,” Stephan said.

Stephan, a 1984 graduate of the IU School of Law-Indianapolis, served earlier this year on the search committee that recommended current IU head basketball coach Tom Crean.

He indicated that the search committee and its members would not be publicly commenting on the progress of the search process until a decision is announced.

Also named to the committee were:

* MaryEllen Bishop, partner at Bose McKinney and Evans LLP and immediate past-chairwoman of the IU Alumni Association
* Tom Crean, head IU men’s basketball coach
* Bruce Jaffee, professor of business economics and public policy and faculty representative on the Athletics Committee
* Julia Lamber, professor of law and associate dean for clinical education, IU School of Law-Bloomington
* Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports and Entertainment, member of IU Foundation board of directors
* Ned Pfau, president and chief executive officer of George Pfau’s Sons Co., member of IU Foundation board of directors and former national president of the IU Varsity Club
* Mary Ann Rohleder, director of administrative services for athletics
* Mike Sample, vice president for public affairs and government relations
* Anthony Thompson, former All-American IU football player, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, assistant director for development for athletics.
* Roger Thompson, vice provost for enrollment management
* James Wimbush, dean of the University Graduate School, professor of business administration and chair of the University Athletics Committee
* Jerry Yeagley, former IU head men’s soccer coach and member of the U.S. Soccer Federation Hall of Fame


  1. Tom,

    Harry was the head of the committee that hired Tom Crean. He is one of the most respected IU Alumni there is, and his name not on this list is important, his name has been brought up by many to be our next AD.

  2. Have one problem… why is Crean on this committee… a bit of a conflict of interest… I can see secondary input but to have him as a headliner and no other coaches on the committee is sending the wrong message… particularly for the other sports… past coaches fine but not current.. this is going to be their boss..Come on IU decision makers…

  3. Yes, the AD will be Crean’s boss. Which is exactly why he’s on the committee. Come on, you don’t think the committee isn’t going to let the head coach of the biggest sport at the university have a say as to whether he feels he can get along with an AD candidate?

    The AD supervises the head basketball coach, but they darned well better get along.

  4. Like said secondary input is fine… All sports having equal voice in the matter… What kind of message does it send the incoming AD as well… Did we not have a problem with a former basketball coach becoming more powerful than the AD?

  5. Maybe so, but it’s not like he is making the decision alone.

    Besides, we all know if Crean is as successful as we want him to be he will be running the show anyway.

  6. cheyennemtnman asks:

    Did we not have a problem with a former basketball coach becoming more powerful than the AD?

    No. If he were still here we’d have been millions ahead in revenue, a sixth banner in AH, and higher APR and no NCAA sanctions.

  7. Why no student-athletes? Even if it was a token representation it would be a great opportunity for them to see the process.

  8. Initially, I’d say this committee is equally deserving of the “blue-ribbon” label bestowed upon our last search committee. It seems to have a nice balance of highly-respected members of athletics/administration/business. Why, however, was this committee not formed around the time McRobbie decided Greenspan had to go? Say, back in Feb./Mar.? Wouldn’t a more timely changing of the guard sent a powerful message to the infractions committee that we would not tolerate this kind of ineffective leadership at IU?!?

    As for Crean’s inclusion, I’m all for it. No other IU coach has such a high public profile or his reputation for building the right kind of programs. Likewise, no other coach has been hired under McRobbie’s watch. Thus, I think its a good move to ensure our most prolific program is in step with and on the same page as our new AD, right from the start and leading up to the hoisting of many more banners in the future.

  9. Good call ChronicHoosier. Crean is the most high profile coach at IU, and will need to work hand in hand with the AD to help sort out the mess from the last year. I’m sure he’s gotten input from his counterparts including Lynch, as to what type of person the coaches are looking for.

    But the big question, like chronic said, is why was this not done sooner? We could have canned Greenspan’s a$$ and gotten on with the process alot earlier, and possibly had someone in place by the start of the fall season.

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