1. I guess after signing the 10 year contract he felt that coach Crean will still be there in three years.

  2. This kid loves IU and is not afraid to say it. I like that, and he is a 4 star recruit which doesn’t hurt either.

  3. man this kids built like hes nba ready. 4 stars 3 years away doesnt mean much yet. Do we have other details on him?

  4. You got to remember these are just teenage kids and they can change their minds in a drop of a hat. Also,all of us that follow college basketball know that when you verbel commit, your telling other schools who they have to beat to get that kid to come to their school.
    I just wouldn’t take to much stock in an virbal commitment that is three years away.

  5. I don’t know how much stock anyone should put in this because their recruiting coverage is probably the worst of all the major outlets, but ESPN’s analysis of Carlino was not very impressive… It does list him as a top 100 guy, but it talks about how his “shot selection is questionable at best,” and the last sentence of the scouting report sounds kinda unflattering…

    “If Carlino decides to tone down his shot selection and develop other aspects of his game (getting others involved) he should be able to play somewhere on the Division I level.”

  6. I can’t remember where I read his stats for last year[remember a freshman] were 16ppg and 5sstp plus 7rbs a game that sound preety alaround to me.

  7. Yea, there is a scouting report below the most recent one which was written earlier in the year, and it says he’s a top 10 guy overall in the class… ESPN recruiting is lame as $hit.

  8. Carlino has offers from 3 pac-10 schools already, including Arizona, Arizona State, Washington State. Indiana is lucky to pull him away from the west.

  9. We are gonna have the deepest lineup of guards in the country in 2011. Carlino will probably be riding the pine, and he’s a Top 10 recruit overall in his class. If you’re an IU basketball fan, you gotta be soooo pumped that we brought Crean in and he’s made so much progress in just a few months. The sky’s the limit.

  10. Is anyone else concerned that we still have no legit post players committed. I like guards as much as the next guy (well maybe except for Crean) but I have a hard time believing that we can win without anyone over 6’8″ on our team. Jobe will probably never be much more than a big body on defense so where will the interior scoring come from?

    I remember reading about Crean’s inability or lack of interest in recruiting big men while at Marquette. Many of the fans there had this as his major weakness and it appears that he hasn’t changed. When should we start to worry that we won’t have enough big bodies to patrol the paint in the Big 10?

  11. That’s why TC hired Mcleod. His job is going to be working with and scouting/recruiting some bigs. Give it some time, they’ll come… I hope.

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