Preseason camp – Day One notes

Jerimy Finch, the much-heralded transfer from Florida, is at practice, but is on the sideline in street clothes. He should be joining practice sometime this week.

Freshman Cortez Smith is practicing with the cornerbacks. The 5-11, 190-pound Smith, also a star running back in high school in Detroit, was one of the highest-rated players in IU’s 2008 recruiting class.

Shane Covington, a 6-1, 185 freshman from Milwaukee, was also recruited as a running back, but is at wide receiver to start camp.

Senior Joe Kleinsmith practiced at punter, as well as his usual safety position.

Mitchell Evans, after switching from safety to quarterback this spring, is still at QB at the start of camp.

Two players, both of them defensive backs, are injured and will miss practice. Rayshun Calhoun is still out with a knee injury suffered in spring practice. Bruce Hampton has a hamstring injury that appears to be more of a day-to-day situation.

Offensive lineman Kenny Love is not at practice because he is dealing with academic issues, according to the IU media relations staff. The timing of Love’s return to the team is uncertain.

Wide receiver Jake Kocal has decided to give up football. Kocal, a junior from Valparaiso, has played in one game in his career – against Indiana State last season – and did not appear likely to see significant playing time this year.

Chris Ahlfeld, the younger brother of former IU basketball player Adam Ahlfeld, is a walk-on offensive lineman.


  1. I may have missed this, but can Finch play this year? I remember he was planning on petitioning the NCAA, but I’ve not heard the outcome. Is he sitting out or playing this year?

  2. Thanks Doug, it’s good that we’ll have him for 3 years (assuming he stays the entire time).

  3. 90% of the country cares more about football than basketball. It’s about time this ass-backwards state gets it’s act in gear to make up for a century of choosing the wrong sport to follow.

  4. Or, we could support football AND basketball. You know, like most schools with successful athletic departments.

  5. Well let’s see Screw Basketball, when you have 5 National Titles in basketball and 0 in football, it’s pretty easy to see why not that many people care about IU football.

    In my opinion, college basketball is by far the most exciting and enjoyable sport to watch on the planet. I guess that could have something to do with it too.

  6. Screw Basketball, that may be the most disingenuous post I’ve ever seen, and considering some that ‘Fire Crean Now!’ has come up with, that’s quite a (dubious) accomplishment.

    Just so you know, I live in Tennessee, where football is definitely the most popular sport. But since Bruce Pearl has been coach, they’re wild about the Vols in hoops as well. And they’ve been wild about Pat Summit’s annual title contender for years. So as Jimmy says, schools with successful athletic departments enjoy support for multiple teams representing the university, not just football.

    But then, you may just be a Purdue fan trying to stir up IU fans in a pathetic attempt to alleviate your own boredom.

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