IU won’t request another hearing

Indiana University spokesman Larry MacIntyre said today that the school plans on filing a written response to the NCAA’s charge of “failure to monitor” the men’s basketball program but will not request another hearing before the committee on infractions.

“We’ll file a written response by the deadline of Sept. 17, and then we will rest,” MacIntyre said.

MacIntyre said he was not sure why the university would not ask for another hearing; that decision, he said, was made by IU’s lawyers.

Both university president Michael McRobbie and basketball coach Tom Crean have expressed a desire for the school to “vigorously” fight the accusation.

However, requesting another hearing would have prolonged the process, possibly well into 2009.


  1. I am thinking the reason not to fight it is pretty clear…the charges are most likely legit. That is hard for me to admit but after hearing Robbie and Crean say they would fight it and now this. This is BAD!!!

  2. I dont think it means anything about legitimacy. All I think it means is that we want to move past this debacle as soon as possible. Just because we arent holding another hearing doesnt mean we wont fight this. Its going to be similar to the process OK(football) followed I think. The NCAA will hand down its punishment and then if IU feels like it’s warranted they will accept it and move on. If they feel its excessive then they will appeal it.

    But to have another hearing would just extend this thing another year and none of us want to see that happen. Another year of clouds hanging over our program would be terrible for recruiting and would only extend this whole thing and who really wants to extend any of this? Not me.

  3. Caleb, sorry…I really have a different take. If lawyers do not want another hearing, there is a reason for that. I am also not sure it would drag it out that much longer really. No disrespect, I usually agree with you. Take care.

  4. J Pat…are you serious about it not dragging it out longer??? they would have to draft a reply, start a new internal investigation and present their case at another hearing…which would not be for months…at least 6 according to the time tables involved….

    one could look at this as a sign of bad news…..or as a sign that the lawyers and the university have come to the conclusion that this new charge will not dramatically alter the outcome of the ncaa sanctions….thus rendering it not necessary to fight tooth and nail…

  5. I tend to think Caleb’s take is most accurate. They could request another hearing and drag it out another year and still lose; or they can just submit their response and be content with getting the affair over as quickly as possible. If the NCAA’s punishment seem egregious, they can fight that; but if not, they can accept it and move on. The underlying motivation, it seems to me, is to conclude the whole sordid affair in the shortest time frame possible.

  6. I am so sick of this. I want this over and I think TC wants it over. Drag it into next year just hurts his efforts to get more quality players. We need closure so we can move forward. You would think the NCAA would have bigger fish to fry. This is about phone call violations……. but wait, MB is in charge so lets pour it on before IU throws a chair at us!

  7. Speaking as a lawyer, it could just mean that IU and its lawyers think all the facts are on the table.

    Unless you have new facts to develop, it doesn’t make sense to spend time and money going and arguing again.

    You can make the same argument in written form, as they say they intend to do, by filing a written response.

    Remember, flying around, etc. wastes time and energy for IU staff and they have to pay for it. Why spend the money, pay the lawyers, force the NCAA to do the same, and basically jerk everyone’s chain if it’s all been said?

    Plus maybe they don’t want to provide more fodder for media and blogger speculation.

    Dang it! What are we all going to have to do other than go back to work and stop reading internet blogs? Boo! Hiss!

  8. It would drag it out longer in my opinion, I recall various articles stating as much and it seems natural that would extend the process. Additionally, the NCAA is prosecutor, judge and jury–how much good can an appeal or fighting actually do?

  9. I know I am in the minority here but I just thought IU would fight it tooth and nail, no matter what. I would drag it out for 2 years if it meant IU could possibly prove it wrong, but that is just me. This is a big charge that could cause major problems down the road.

  10. Failure to monitor, as in 95% of NCAA Colleges.
    The last I heard, IU turmed themselves in. We know that every College in the country does that.
    Failure to monitor, though true, is BS

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