McLeod is on the job today

Former NBA player and Duke graduate Rowshown McLeod has been hired as Indiana’s third assistant and will begin his duties with the team today, Hoosiers head coach Tom Crean said earlier today after speaking with the students at New Tech High School in Bloomington.

McLeod had been living in the Atlanta area and has worked in different levels of basketball since injury forced him to retire from professional basketball in 2001.

“The thing I really like about him is that if he were healthy, he’d still be a professional basketball player,” Crean said. “But he’s done a lot of things to put himself in a position to be a coach since his career ended, and as the interview process went on he really showed how knowledgeable he is.”

Check out this previous post on McLeod for more details. We’ll have more on this story.


  1. I agree, this is a big plus. Obviously he’s well connected and should be someone recruits can relate to, and I’m confident in his coaching ability. And even though we sometimes love to hate Duke, it is worth noting that Coach K’s program is a model just like Coach Knight’s–never even a sniff of NCAA trouble. Having someone who’s come up thru that program, and operates in that way, can only help IU in the short term with the NCAA and in the long term in many way. I was on the ‘Hire Calbert’ bandwagon, but this is an excellent choice.

  2. @eric – You might want to take a look at Corey Maggette’s career at Duke – particularly the circumstances surrounding its conclusion – before you make the statement that Coach K’s program has never had a sniff of NCAA trouble.

  3. right, duke has had PLENTY of speculation. With that said, it has nothing to do with our hire. Good hire, and should bring in top talent.

  4. Okay, I don’t know anything about the deal with Corey Maggette, but I still would have to say that hiring someone associated with that program is a better move than hiring an on-probation Kelvin Sampson. As such it would seem to be something that would indicate to the NCAA that IU is moving in the right direction.

  5. This hire is the first Crean action that I have reservations about. He has been hinted at for some time now, and it has been implied that he has been “recruiting” before being hired so that the penalties we received because of the previous RIDICULOUS hire. And all of this with the NCAA breathing down our necks.

    Was this man’s hire postponed to circumvent the rules? I hope not. But if so, I lose a little enthusiasm and respect for our new coach.

    See you at the Rock on Saturday.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  6. Hey if you arent breaking any rules than I am all for it. There is nothing wrong with it anyway. Sampson gave EJs AAU coach a spot on the staff. Wall’s AAU coach just took an asst position with Baylor and Wall said that gave them an edge. Its going on all over the place. These AAU coaches to an extent are pimping out these kids in an effort to secure a prosperous future for themselves on the staff of a high profile university.

    The other side, though, is that really some of these coaches have the ability as a coach to succeed despite your personal view on how they ascertain that. Not all guys start out like Crean and move up the ranks as a sort of graduate assistant and up to asst and then head coach. These high school coaches and AAU coaches also have some talent at it. McLeod is a good coach at many levels and is still young enough to associate directly with a kid. Something the other two assistants cant. He is a good person and will help IU’s interior play tremendously. Lets give him a shot at coaching before we make any decisions.

  7. From a Duke fan — McLeod is an awesome hire. Played with incredible discipline and tenacity. Was married and a father at ~21. He had an incredible college career after transferring to Duke, and was like #21 in the NBA draft. He willed his way there, through hard work. Great work ethic and leadership skills. Honestly, he’s one of the hardest working and most inspiring players during Coach K’s era at Duke. Simply put, an awesome hire for IU.

  8. there is no rule broken in hiring him at this time. absoutely none, so dont make something out of nothing. There was an article pointing out that many schools were doing this. There might be a rule change in the future, but how the NCAA would prove this intent is difficult.

  9. From another Duke fan, Crean made a great hire hear. You’ll come to love and appreciate Ro’s intensity and professionalism.

  10. another Duke fan says congrats on a great hire. Ro is all class and tireless worker. You’re lucky to have him join your staff.

    As for Maggette, the NCAA found no violation on Duke’s part — his problems occurred in High School, unknown to Duke. Sour grapes that just keep coming back???

  11. Being from Durham and a rabid Blue Devil, McLeod is is a great addition for IU. Which is pretty much the main program that Coach K tried to mold Duke into.

    The Maggette issue had nothing to do with Coach K or Duke. It was found that him and some other players(Rush is one that comes to mind) might have took some money and benifits from their AAU coach Myron Piggie. That name sound familiar? It could have been a bigger deal and gotten more attention had Duke not lost to Uconn in the 1999 final.

  12. OK. I’m hoping you are all correct. I guess I wish we would have just hired him a month ago. Let’s hope he turns out great, and IU hoops is further on the road to recovery than we were a week ago. I’m still really excited to see the new team, coach, and attitude–it just struck me as strange. Maybe I’m a little too skeptical sometimes, but after the last few years. . . .

  13. What good comes from hiring him a month ago? He wouldn’t be able to do anything. By waiting, he can go out there and recruit. Its not breaking any rules. You can argue that it should be against the rules, but its not as of right now…

  14. Gohoosiers, it would have been ridiculous to have hired him a month ago. He would have not been allowed to do anything!! By waiting to hire him he was able to maintain/establish relationships with D1 players that may benefit us when they go to pick colleges. Currently this is a very common practice which does not violate any NCAA rules.

  15. It’s always the employer’s choice as to when they hire someone, regardless of how long they’e been talking to them. That’s common in business. And other posters are right in that he wouldn’t have been able to do anything prior to now due to inheriting Rob Senderoff’s restrictions. Thus hiring him a few weeks ago would have been pointless. I’m really happy to have him and excited that he’ll be working with inside players, as Crean’s specialty seems to be developing guards and swing players. The two should be a good combination.

  16. In response to the know-it-all Puke, I mean Duke fans posting on this thread, Corey Maggette DID ADMIT to taking money from Piggie, who was an ex crack dealer, along with a few other players (including Rush)… Maggette admitted this in a sworn statement. There’s a NY Times article with a summary of what happened. And our buddy Piggie pleaded guilty of consipracy charges, and was in prison for like 3 years.

    Also, in an article in USA Today on 6/29/00, Mike “pass out” Krzyzewski admits there were violations, and that he was ready for anything the NCAA threw at them… But by some miracle, Duke escaped without a penalty whatsoever!!!! WOW! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Duke makes me sick.

  17. Okay, I hate to not back IU fans I almost always agree with, but the Duke fans on here seem to be very gracious and congratulatory, while the IU fans seem to harbor some excessive hatred of Duke and Coach K. Hello, Coach K played for Bob Knight, and ‘Adam’ above describes Indiana as ‘pretty much the main program that Coach K tried to mold Duke into.’ I know, we’re still sore about the officiating in the ’92 IU-Duke Final Four game, but can’t we lay off the venomous comments? Can’t we all just get along?!?

  18. No Eric, sorry. I live in Baltimore, MD… ACC country. I hate Duke. Period. I don’t particularly like Maryland, but I have a couple friends who are buddies with Steve Wojciechowski, who was one of Duke’s Bobby Hurley wannabe’s during the mid 90’s. And all these guys do is talk about Duke and how awesome they are and how squeaky clean their reputation is, and how Indiana sucks… So I’m very bitter. And I’ve found that most Duke fans have this sense of entitlement, and think they are the $hit. Not to mention Vitale always yapping his jaws about how much he’d like to do it to Coach K.

  19. I mean look at the fans at their games… There’s not one hot girl in the crowd, becasue most of the girls who go there look like soccer mom’s, and a bunch of dorky kids dressed and painted like idiots. They think they are soooo cutting edge with their retarted G rated chants. It’s just annoying… And it’s been a while since they’ve actually won anything. Remeber JJ? He’s the ACC all-time leading scorer, but his numbers in tourney play were horrendous, and they never won a championship with him. Get off your high horse Duke fans… You are a bunch of nerds.


  21. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE R.C. BUT I ALREADY HAVE MY DEGREE FROM INDIANA. My attitude and feelings are no different than how alot of IU students feel about Purdue, or Michigan feels about Ohio State… I have just been exposed to years and years of Duke rhetoric. I am just tired of it, and what better place to voice my opinion?

  22. Wow, remind me never to get in the middle of this clustermess again. Granted, I’ve never lived amidst a bunch of Duke fans, but I always thought Coach K being the biggest branch on the Knight coaching tree, in fact being more like a second trunk on that tree, outweighed things like annoying chants and a lack of hotties among the Cameron Crazies (though I don’t object to the soccer mom look). Sorry you’ve had such a negative experience, Steve O. Maybe we should talk about IU v. Western Kentucky instead ………

  23. Steve O – put down the Washington Post and find a better group of friends. Or better yet, go visit Duke for a week while they are in session. It’s a great place with a lot of great people going there. There are jerks in any community of that size. Did you let the jerks at Indiana ruin your time there?

  24. Gman3, it’s the Baltimore Sun brother, and my biggest beef is the fact that you Duke fans are misinformed… Maggette did in fact admit he recieved money from his crack dealing AAU coach, Piggie, and Coach Pass Out came out at a press conference and acknowledged the violations and said he was ready for whatever the NCAA threw at them. But the NCAA did nothing!!! Meanwhile, Sampson, like an idiot, makes too many phone calls, and gives a player an IU shirt, and we lose scholarships and recruiting time. It’s CRAZY!!!!!

  25. I apologize for the anti-Duke rant, but man I really just dispise them. Especially when your best friend is buddies with Wojo, and it’s all you hear about… I guess I need new friends.

  26. And it’s just another example of Myles Brand and the NCAA showing absolutely ZERO consistancy, and letting the BIG problems from the BIG programs go unpunished. Honestly, I bet most people never even knew the whole Maggette story. I wonder why????

  27. Ignore the Myles Brand part, he wasn’t head of the NCAA during the Duke thing, but I hold the NCAA as a whole, responsible.

  28. I never post on these things, but the misinformation about Maggette is stunning. Maggette admitted to taking money from Piggie. No doubt about that. He also signed a statement verifying his amateur status before enrolling at Duke. The university did everything to verify his amateur status that is done by every school.
    The only thing Coach K is guilty of in that case is being a bad judge of character.

  29. Thank you Jason… But Maggette signed the same paper every NCAA athlete signs saying that they have not recieved any payments to play their particular sport… And at a press conference from Duke’s locker room, Coach K was quoted saying “if NCAA officials find that Corey Maggette accepted improper payments from a summer league coach, our program should be punished.”

    And that is exactly what happened!! He took money from Piggie, and bolted for the NBA after only a year. He signed a sworn statement and actually testified that he recieved money! This would have made his only season in college ineligable. There were no big headlines or a big media frenzy over this, like the Indiana situation. And Duke was never punished!!

    Sounds like USC football and Duke basketball might have more in common than we think… But please don’t be outraged or create a big fuss about it. After all, it is Duke. They are the NCAA’s bitch boy.

  30. SteveO,
    I’ve been a regular reader for sometime and agree with most of you postings but I think you have taken this out of perspective. Regardless of our feelings towards other teams…when you have folks saying good things about our program in these unstable times at IU I do believe there should be a little more graditude towards those who may be going out of their way to make such comments. That’s it, nothing more or less.

    I love to hate Ky and have friends, family, etc who love Ky and we have our battles (not that I want a KY hire) but I would still appreciate their kind comments if it was the case. Not that I won’t still state some facts afterward but you did nothing of the sort. So thanks Duke fans and I do agree with eric about Coach K being a branch of the BMK. Not to change the subject but changing the subject…

    Does anyone have any detail info as to IU’s chances and how good these kids are on the following big men recruits:
    John Wilkins from France
    Josh Smith (2010) 6’10” 270 lbs
    Angus Brandt 6’11” 220 lbs.

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