Pictures from the IU family reunion

[4:00 UPDATE]

IU has posted a photo gallery of the event on its Web site, 


Indiana athletics department media relations director J.D. Campbell shared these photos with us, and I thought you guys would like to take a look.

First person to correctly identify each of the four pairs of people in the pictures wins….my admiration.

Name these men.

Name these men.

Name these men.

Name these men.


  1. I’m not sure who the person in the first picture is with Woodson. The second picture has DJ and “Slick Leonard, the third picture has DJ and Woodson, and the last picture has Bob Hamel and Woodson.

  2. Mark82,

    The person in the first picture is Tom Abernethy. I play basketball at his gym in Indy all the time.

  3. Doug and Chris, give more of the same!! Fantastic to see the gathering of former Hoosier BB players. The program needs their support.
    I love to see the signing of a 4 star guard but any news on any big men recruits?

  4. From everything I’ve seen and heard, it appears that DJ White is going to be one of those highly-involved athletics alumni for years to come, like Woodson, Benson, etc.

    I’m glad to see it. He’s already one of the most beloved players in recent history, and it sounds like he’s really embraced his role as an alum and ambassador for IU athletics. Good on him!

  5. Why does basketball recruiting matter right now, really? In case you guys have missed the news, the 2009 class is full based on verbals received, and since it is August, we are still almost 3 months away from actually being able to sign any of these kids anyway.

    I am pretty sure the 2010 class is getting close to full on verbals, yet we are 15 months away from being able to ink any of those kids.

    Now you are getting excited about a VERBAL from a kid who is a sophomore in high school? Give me a freaking break. The football team kicks off in a week, they need fan support, yet the IU “Fan” base is worried about what a 14 or 15 year old kid and if he wants to play for us in 3 years.


  6. Mike P – give it up. There will be no fan support for football until the athletic dept shows a commitment to winning in their decision making.

    Chris – can we add a countdown clock to midnight madness to the site?

  7. Aruss,

    If the “fans” like yourself would get off your ass and support the program, then maybe the Athletic Department would have more support to make a bigger commitment to winning.

    They are remodeling the Stadium in an active attempt to make the program better. Unfortunately this stuff doesn’t come cheap, and the people who donate can only give so much. So it is up to ALL IU fans to support the team!

    Like I said before. CLUELESS!

  8. Mike P-

    I’m with you as far as being excited about football starting this week. But, this event just took place, and therefore is news to IU fans. And IU basketball, recruiting and otherwise, is always important. A fan cant want news and want to discuss both?

    I share your frustration with some fans’ apathy with football to an extent. However, as a die-hard Hoosier fan, I’m fully confident in my abilities to follow IU basketball, IU football, some other IU sports and general IU happenings all at the same time. After all, I just read/listen/cheer/spend $. I’ve never scored a point or drawn up a play.

    I used to work at the legislature and this is equal to the argument that “I cant believe they’re discussing license plates, when they oughta be discussing property taxes.” People can concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

    Calm down. Go Hoosiers! Beat the Hill Toppers!

    PS- Extremely disappointed to read about Middleton. Hope one game out is all and he get back on track.

  9. Mike P (if this is truly the Mike P. from Peegs): You are the one that needs to get a freaking clue! For someone who is around IU sports as much as you should be, you should realize that IU is a BASKETBALL school. Yeah its great IU made it to a bowl game last year. Maybe you missed the 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP banners in Assembly Hall. Maybe you haven’t heard the state of Indiana as Basketball Country. Also, for your information, the 2009 class is not full yet, nor is the 2010 class so that is why people care about basketball recruiting right now.

    I know what would help the football program…they could have a get together with all the IU football legends, although that would be a pretty small group of people. Probably not even enough to fill out a full squad….

  10. Brad,

    I don’t post on Peegs, never had, never will.

    I attended my first IU game when I was 2 years old. I probably know more people past and present that are involved with IU Athletics than you can even name yourself.

    I know IU is a basketball school, but I love all IU sports, I just get sick of the damn basketball talk, and I voiced my opinion about it, one I knew would not be popular. What is funny is you think your attack on me and the crap you put in your post really means anything to me?

    You are a fair weather loser. You only care about the Basketball team because of their history. Rooting for a winner is easy to do, it takes passion to stand in and take your lumps, but still support them 100% knowing that a win is because you just upset a team that was favored to beat you. Something people like you don’t understand.

    Don’t bother posting again, I will not answer it, I have said my peace and I am done with you and this topic.

  11. D.J. White is definitely among favorite IU players of all time. He endured multiple coaching changes and this year’s utter clustermess, and he’s still at the reunion supporting the program and a coaching staff he never played for. Way to go, D.J.!!!

    Brad and Mike P, good grief, we’re on the same side here, calm down. We can cheer for the football AND basketball teams, doing so won’t cause the universe to implode or Purdue to win a nat’l. championship or anything of that sort, I promise.

  12. Mike P: Congratulations on knowing “more people past and present that are involved with IU Athletics than you can even name yourself” If your jock sniffing makes you feel better about yourself then congratulations, but don’t call me a fair weather loser just because I care more about IU basketball than IU football. I didn’t even go to Indiana (financial reasons) so I don’t feel I need to love every sport IU has to offer. I too, have been an IU basketball fan since I was a little guy, even when there were down years (ala the two recent years which we missed the NCAA tourney)so I think that should qualify as a true fan of the basketball team. And if not following every sport IU has to offer makes me a fair weather fan, then I would bet 99.9% of fans, including yourself, are fair weather fans. Because you can’t just stop at basketball and football, you have to include all IU sports like baseball, soccer, diving, swimming, wrestling, track and field, etc. So if you are a “true” fan like you think you are, why don’t go start a site for all the other “true” fans where you can post about the f*cking lacrosse team and how good they are going to be this year.

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