Quick Morgan Newton note

Morgan Newton, the dynamic quarterback from Carmel, is set to make his college choice known on Thursday.

Though Newton has said he’ll choose one of six schools, including Indiana, it appears the Hoosiers are a long-shot at this point to land the 5-star who is ranked by Scout.com the No. 7 QB in the class of 2009 and No. 18 at his position by Rivals.com.

We’ll try to monitor the situation but right now there’s been little indication that Indiana has moved to the forefront, but Newton himself has said he might not make the decision until right before the announcement.

His coach at Carmel is Mo Moriarity, the former Bloomington South head man who had a stint as an assistant at Indiana.

Indiana already has commitments from 3-star prospects Dustin Kiel (Columbus) and Edward Wright-Baker (Jeffersonville).


  1. What is being said on the high school blogs is that Morgan wants to play close to home. Indiana, Kentucky and Purdue (not in that order) are thought to be his top 3.

    Kentucky at this point seems to be the front runner. He wants to play on the big stage, and as we all know the SEC is the big stage in college football right now. You combine that with the very real possibility of being a starter as a true freshman, and Kentucky seems like the logical choice.

    One thing with Kentucky though, is they just received a verbal from a top rated 4-star QB out of Texas.

    Purdue is in the same boat as Kentucky on being able to offer him a chance to play as a true freshman. Purdue list 4 quaterbacks on their roster, 2 are seniors (including the starter, Curtis Painter)and the other 2 are listed as true freshman. With only 2 returning QBs and only one low rated verbal at that position for next year, it could be a very real possibility.

    The thing working against them, it’s Purdue! Enough said.

    IU doesn’t appear to be the best choice in this situation. With 9 (thats right) QBs listed on their roster, and all of them eligible to be back in 2009, coupled with 2 decent verbals this season. IU has to be 3rd on the list of 3.

  2. From everything I have heard its Clemson or UK. I think its going to be UK.

    IU and PU have very little, if no shot at all. I think listing them was more of a home state thing than ever being serious candidates.

  3. I don’t see him going to Clemson. They have 5 quarterbacks returning next year. That includes 2 high ranked recruits (4-star players), one with 2 years in the program, the other with 1 year under his belt.

    If he wants to be considered for playing time as a true freshman, Clemson would not be his best bet.

    As far as IU and Purdue’s chances, I know Newton has made several un-official visits to IU during the spring and summer. More than a kid listing a school because of it being a “home state” thing.

    Every indicator I have seen is KY will be his pick.

  4. It will be Kentucky and I’m fine with that. I like our current and future QB situation at Indiana. Go Hoosiers!

  5. Joey Elliot, a redshirt junior at Purdue from Harrison High School in Evansville, will be Purdue’s quarterback next year. I don’t think Newton would start as a frosh there. Kentucky seems like the destination.

  6. I hope “Truth Teller” is reading. He says Middleton was not doubled last year at all. This was his quote exactly,

    OK, I’ve watched every IU game. There wasn’t one game where he was doubled. And no, not once did a team change the position of their best lineman to cover Greg Middleton. You are wrong J Pat.

    I just got the Big 10 network and the African American commentator says, “he will grow (middleton) accustomed to the double team that he saw at the end of the year”. I had to smile when he said it. I watched the first half of the 2007 IU/PU game tonight and big #92 was doubled at least 4 times already and I was reading my son a book while watching so it could have been more.

    Truth…you should change your handle on this blog because nothing you have said lately or in the future holds any TRUTH to it at all.

  7. Mike P – Elliot graduated high school in 2005, and he took a redshirt year after Curtis Painter became the starter because doing so would allow him to quarterback the team for 1 year following Painter’s departure. He is a redshirt junior this season as a result. A mistake must have been made on Purdue’s roster.

  8. RT – Thanks for the correction. I don’t know anything about Elliot, other than Purdue list him on their roster as a true senior for this season.

    By the way, Newton is officially KY bound.

  9. Losing a local kid to a program with only marginally better football history than ours hurts – especially when his high school coach has Bloomington and IU ties.

    Say what you want about improvements in the IU program, this is an example of how far we still have to come to be a factor on the national scene.

  10. Mark, it is all a game in the end, the recruiting process itself. The kid might have simply liked their facilities better, maybe the girls were hotter or maybe he liked the mascot or even might have liked a certain academic program. I disagree with you about the whole, “how far IU has to come”. IU just got Finch and has a great class coming in. One kid does not mean squat!

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