$20 Tickets at Marsh

Indiana has teamed with Marsh to offerer special $20 tickets to the Hoosiers’ game against Ball State this weekend.

On Wednesday, the tickets will be available at the Marsh on East. 82nd Street in Indy. Don Fischer will also be there. Think about it: scoop up a new gallon of orange juice, get a pound of thinly sliced turkey and meet Fisch. That’s as lovely a Wednesday as they come.

On Thursday, the tickets will be available at the Marsh on Kinser Pike here in Bloomington. They’ll be sold from 4-7 p.m. and there will be other corresponding specials in the store, though there will be no Fischer. You can still get OJ and turkey, though.

In other ticket news, IU has unveiled a season ticket package that will get you a seat at the final six home games for $159. That’s a discounted price, considering that tickets to eight games originally cost $249.


  1. Haha actually I have heard this promotion on the radio in Indy so it appears there has been some sort of attempt to make sure people actually know about this deal other than those going to Marsh that day.

  2. It’s a good thing I have this page bookmarked or else I wouldn’t have know about this. It’s pretty nice considering tickets are normally $39 (or close to it).

  3. Megan, it was 249 a ticket for 8 games so almost 500 for 2 seats at first. The ticket office has made me wish I waited for the last 3 or 4 years with these specials. I do think they ran a 249 for 2 tickets for 8 games but in a corner location up high. That was done when they did not sell as many tickets as they wished. The next deal is 159 for a solo seat for 6 games. I am convinced the best deal out there is the end zone deal for 4 tix and the grub for well under 100 bucks. I think you can get the end zone deal until the last game vs Wisky. That deal has never been run for Big 10 games. IUHOOSIERS.com

  4. I was thinking of those corner seats, and the special there. I believe those were south east corner seats this year. That pack was an “upgrade” from last year’s $199 for a pair. (My brother’s were northwest corner on that deal.) Regular season ticket holders definantly get better seats, but I have found when I am able to get to a game that my seats all usually have pretty good lines of vision.
    Go Hoosiers!

  5. hi i asked about tickets at marsh at columbus indiana and they said they didnt have any are they through ticketmaster? please give me some info thanks

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