NCAA doesn’t want IU response before Sept. 26

[2:55 UPDATE]

Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan has commented on the NCAA’s letter. He said: “The University was fully prepared to meet its deadline established by the NCAA in its response to the failure to monitor allegation.  However, based upon the September 16 letter from the NCAA Committee on Infractions, we will work on final edits and submit on the new date required.”


The NCAA faxed to Indiana University today a letter (below) telling the university not to file or finalize its response to the allegation that it failed to monitor its basketball coaching staff until Sept. 26. That instruction gives IU an additional nine days to complete its response, which was previously due tomorrow.

The NCAA letter says the reason for the extension is that the Committee on Infractions is in the process of finalizing the part of its report dealing with allegations made against IU’s former coaches.


  1. In other words the NCAA needs more time to come up with something to make their allegations stick.

    All the time they spend looking the other way on USC and Florida State football players receiving payments and other benefits has prevented them from getting to the bottom of phone calls at IU.

  2. In othe words they’re telling IU not to leak a copy to the press before the 26th. After that time the NCAA Infractions Committe will convene, discuss and give IU their report along with sanctions.

  3. In other words, the NCAA is an unorganized, unpredictable, secretive, corrupt mess. I wouldnt be surprised if they banned us for 2-3 years, nor would be surprised if we got virtually nothing. Or anywhere in between.

  4. The NCAA wants to release its findings about the coaches which would be Sampson and Senderoff. Sampson is in the NBA now and RS is an assistant at Kent St. Although I’m no fan of the NCAA, I don’t see any sinister intentions toward IU with this change. I think they just want to clear the air on the coaches so they can appeal or take their punishment. The IU part of the case may go on much longer.

  5. I think they want enough time between the first 6 infractions and the failure to monitor issue. This will allow the NCAA to make two rulings. My guess is the original 6 will get little or no addition punishment than what IU has ready taken. Then they will hammer the University for the failure to monitor infraction where I believe the AD and his department dropped the ball or tried to swipe it under the rug until an intern found the problem. If their was no intern Sampson could still be coach. Everyone involved should be fired. I was a corporate internal auditor and there is no way the compliance department at IU did not know about these phone call violations. Lets just say they would have to be the worst compliance officers ever! They knew,they had to know. Nearly everyone connected is in a new job at IU or gone. Lets hope the new coach and players don’t get anything taken from them. Let the rightful members of the
    athletic department, Sampson and his staff and present and past university officials take the extra punishments.

  6. The sad part of this is that the current Coach and players had nothing to do with the Sampson mess! Even worse, we rewarded Sampson to leave and now he is an untouchable in the NBA.

    What a slug!

  7. The infractions are really stupid for lack of a better word. Especially if you compare them to some of the things other schools have gotten away with in the past.. To hammer IU and make us some kind of martyr would be wrong. The problem is gone, and just the fact that we did a clean sweep and are starting this year with a brand new coaching staff and all new players is penalty enough.

  8. Hmm.

    Sounds like the NCAA failed to monitor it’s Committee on Infractions’ progress in preparing its report in a timely fashion…

  9. So….why exactly can’t the NCAA receive our response while they’re finalizing their coaches’ report? Will we see the coaches’ report before our submission is due? Are we supposed to now include a rebuttal to the coaches’ report in our response, or, is this just a gag order to keep us from leaking to the media before they’ve ruled on KS & RS? This is all very strange, an unrequested, 9-day extension granted the day before the thing is due?!?

    Why do I get the feeling the committee has more surprises in store for us? I’m expecting more of the unexpected from Potuto & Marsh before this thing is over.

  10. Chronic,

    The NCAA will make no public report on this case until it has considered every charge in the case, including the failure to monitor.

    Our story from today’s paper may answer some of your questions. I’ve posted it at the top of the blog. If you need anything else clarified, just let me know and I’ll look into it.

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