1. I’m soooooo pissed right now! If Love was in the game it would have been even more of a joke…. Lynch sucks! Come on Mike P… Defend him…..

  2. Ive said it since lynch was named coach, it was the WRONG CHOICE. He has zero coaching ability, and zero intensity. He pat Lewis on the butt when he plays like a bonehead. IU football sucks and much of the responsibility lies on the coaching staff and Greenspan that put us in this hole again.

  3. Mike P. is not at his computer yet,as he was at the game, but I would mention that he wasn’t crazy about Lynch to start with. He supports the program, even when administrative decisions make it difficult.
    Thanks for trying to pick a fight, though, Juan. Your maturity is overwhelming.

  4. …and this was coming off of 2 weeks of prep?
    Were we preparing for MSU? How does BSU land such a wizard of an offensive coordinator? We were toyed with all night!

  5. We got it handed to us, no doubt. And took some hits injury-wise as well. (Obviously, so did Ball State. My thoughts, prayers and well wishes go out to Love and his family. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery.)
    Penalties were killer, as well. We made some real bonehead moves that hurt. Lewis needs to find his arm as well as he has his legs. I don’t even know where to start picking this one apart. Ugh.

  6. I laughed at Earl Bruce when he said “this is the darkest day in Ohio State football history” after being beaten by Indiana. Well now I know how the SOB felt. Losing to Ball State is the worst thing that could happen to the Indiana football program. It would be bad enough if it was a team from a lessor conference from several hundred miles away and outside of IU’s recruiting sphere, but to get beat by kids that were not big enough or fast enough to be recruited by us or other Big11Ten schools or even Cincinnati or Kentucky is absolutely inexcusable.

    I understand why Lynch was kept during Horppner’s illness, but why was he retained as head coach after mismanaging the clock & time outs and making so many bone headed calls last year.

    How could he pass the ball from our own 27 on forth & six with us within two scores with five minutes left and three time outs remaining? Did it even cross his mind that Ball State might fumble the kick? No, he just chose to give them the ball deep in our territory, already in field goal range. Which as it turned out they didn’t need. At that point he was conceding the game, because a Ball State field goal would have made the score 38 to 20 making it all but impossible for us to come back in the time left, so why not punt the ball and give Ball State an opportunity to lose the game? If they fumble the ball or even just fail to get a first down we get another chance to win the game with a quick touch down and an on sides kick for another score.

    I am an IU alum, long time varsity club member and season ticket holder and have been watching IU football practices and games since the horrors of Lee Corso, but tonight is the first time that I have been absolutely ashamed to be an IU football fan.

  7. So, can everyone stop talking about the “promise” of the IU football program.

    Call it what it is: Selling beer and food to a lot of people on a Saturday.

  8. that is the understatement of the year Mike P….that is like George W recently being quoted as saying the wall street crisis is a “big problem”

  9. For thirty years I have been saying that IU gets whats it deserves when it comes to football. The school continually hires head coaches that it can afford to pay with the stadium 25% to 30% full. Then they live up to that expectation. If a coach wins six games (of which three or four are weak teams that we shouldn’t even be playing) and gets us into lame bowl game he gets a contract extension.

    Its not that these coaches are not good people. Heck they have taught character until it is coming out of our players ears. It is that they do not bring the intangibles with them to win at the major college level. Most have never recruited legitimate blue chip athletes. They are used to sitting in the living rooms of slightly slower, slightly smaller, slightly above average high school players telling them your son will never play if he goes to school X (fill in the blank with any successful program you want) but if he comes to our school he will play very soon. This is their mentality, this is their sales pitch.

    If we hired a coach from a legitimate top rated program he would bring with him coaches that are used to recruiting blue chip players. How does Bill Lynch go into the home of a kid that is really good enough to be recruited by Michigan, Ohio St, & Notre Dame and beg him to come to Indiana with a straight face? He can’t do it. He has no credibility because he has never won at that level. So he continues to recruit those that are in his comfort zone, MAC & lower conference level players.

    I think it is funny that IU can commit to expanding Memorial Stadium, but not commit to hiring a coach from a top twenty five level program. Why do we need a larger stadium when we can’t fill the one we have? It seems to me they have the cart before the horse. If we had a winning football program it would pay for an expanded stadium or even a new one if needed.

    I do have to admit that it is kind of nice being able to sit wherever I want at home games, especially towards the end of the game when the fans hurry to their cars in the middle of the third quarter to get a head start on the traffic. Its also great that the concession and restroom lines are short at Memorial Stadium, and if you want a souvenir there is usually no waiting at all. So I guess we have it much better than the fans of the winning programs do.

    If IU would go get a serious top twenty five coach on a short term two or three year contract the program would turn around almost immediately, and no more stupid unearned contract extensions. Why would a great coach that plans on winning even more games want a contract extension? He knows he can coach almost anywhere. IU locks coaches in that haven’t proven they can do anything. Great coaches don’t need or want long term coaching deals. If you are interviewing potential coaches and a long term contract is high on his list show him the door. Good coaches want incentives built into their contacts. Like what to I get if we win the Big Ten? What do I get if we get a bowl game? What do I get if we go undefeated? What do I get if we win a National Championship? That’s what great coaches want to know!!!

  10. Lynch’s record at IU is now 9-10. When they hired him. I did not renew my season tickets after (21) years. Take a look at his history of coaching. He is not a winner. I believe winning breeds winners. It is not here. They will keep him here till his contract runs out. There is always next year…oops…next contract.

  11. The progress, decision-making, and preparation for a football program is the responsibility of the head coach. Unfortunately last night did not give me much evidence for optimism.

    We finally had close to a full house last night, and we stunk it up. I wonder if we’ll have another this year?

    I hope our verbal commits/recruits for 2009 were not watching.

    Congratulations to BSU. You are on your way to a special season. I hope Dante is going to be ok.

  12. i was done with lynch after he ruined my trip to tempe for not putting a well prepared team on the field. and then he gets an extension! glad some of you are starting to come around. lynch needs to head back to the pee-wee leagues to craft his skill a bit more.

  13. Having family in Bloomington that are big IU fans isn’t going to keep me from making this post! Finally. Finally, I get to sit back and watch IU faithful talk bad about their own team as the result of BSU handing them a loss. Watching a pre-game interview on the BigTen network with an IU running back talking about how the running game is pretty good was amusing. If we hadn’t had decent coverage and pressure on the quarter back, you wouldn’t have had much of a running game at all. I must say that watching the game plan of Lynch brought back some bad memories but the play of your beloved quarter back was inconsistent to be as polite about it as I can. He made some bad decisions when throwing the ball. Maybe you should have started the game with your backup quarterback and just handed the ball off to Lewis. Good luck in the BigTen this year, you are going to need it!

  14. lynchsux,

    You apparently did not pay attention to the article or read the Thursday chat this week when Doug quoted co-defensive coordinator Brian George as saying “We have to do what we do better than they do what they do”.

    My statement last night was a direct shot at him and the coaching staff.


    Megan is exactly right. I was at the game and not near my computer. I was against the hire of Bill Lynch as the head coach here, and your maturity is over whelming.

    The reality of it is we are stuck with Lynch this season, and I would guess at least 1 more under the new AD when the University decides on who that may be.

    We will once again be stuck with paying off a contract and searching for a new coach.

    I do support the program, because I support the boys who have came here and in most cases work their butts off to try and make this a better program. That includes putting my support behind the coaching staff, no matter how inept I feel they maybe.

    What I seen last night was a complete failure of the staff to have them prepared properly, a failure of the players to execute and get the job done. I am not in the mood to dissect this game at the moment.

    I also seen an extremely well prepared Ball State team that believed in what they could do, and just flat out played IU.

  15. Juan,

    Public posting site. You’re happy to provide your two cents as you see fit. Others may as well. Sorry if that bothers you, but just as you are entitled to your place to make statements, I am as well. Don’t want me to respond to you? Send your comments via a private delivery method. Have a great day!

  16. Mike (I have wayyyyy too much time on my hands) P.. You defended the Lynch hire many times. I read your posts. Remember all the stats you posted about him and his head coaching career and your “knowledge of the man”? Joke! Keep posting your bs and trying to prove people wrong.. Not everyone has hours a day to research stats and post on a blog. And I’m sure Megan is your girl who pretends to love football because you do. She is obviously a mastermind.. You are both pretty funny to me. Sorry Megan, I just can’t take you seriously at all….

  17. I don’t research stats, I know them. Yes I defended him AFTER the hire. In fact I will post exactly what I said when he was hired.

    I am sure all of you have heard by now that Bill Lynch was signed to a four year deal to lead the Hoosiers through the 2011 season. I have stated before I wasn’t for Lynch being the future leader of this program, but what is done is done. I will still support the coaching staff and the players as we head into our future.

    Time to move forward, the team gets another month of practice to prepare for a Bowl game, and another month to get the young, future players more time to develop. This time is critical for the future of a program, something we have not had for many years, lets hope they can use this to create more momentum for the future.

    Congrats Coach Lynch! Go HOOSIERS!

    You can click on my name and go directly to the post that is dated 11/26/2007 @ 10:39AM and read it for yourself.

    So again, I have the PROOF that I was not in support of the hire, but after it was done I supported him EXACTLY like I said I did.

    Megan is not my woman. I have known her since she came home from the hospital, and for all practical purposes, Megan is my baby sister.

    Try again there Juan. You still have posted NOTHING of value in your time here, and doubt you ever will.

    Oh, if you are wondering, I am still supporting the Hoosiers, that includes all the young men who play here, and the coaching staff. There is still 9 games left in this season, and until that season is done I will support the team. I may not always agree with or be favorable in what I have to say about them, but I will support them.

  18. As I said on another thread, I usually agree with you MikeP. And here is one more time we agree.
    BL quite probably is a good man, better than ok recruiter and assistant coach.

    But he just does not appear to have the qualities required to be successful as a Big Ten head coach.

    I hope last night was the low point of the season, but I am skeptical. Patterson had a good quote after the game. He and Means are two of my favorite Hoosiers. I hope they can get it turned around.

  19. Kevin,

    Right now I am at a loss for my thoughts on the staff, the team, and last nights game.

    I definitely am skeptical at this point. I’m afraid that we may have lost some key players to injury.

    Hopefully they will get things on track.

  20. Been on vacation. Juan, Mike is most likely like me…just loves football and loves IU football. If it is a passion, we find time for it! I am upset about the game, hate to say how I feel. Fifth game I have missed in 10 plus years. I am glad I was not there. Team just was not prepared and not motivated, coaching staff problem. Hope for some good play vs MSU!!! NO reason IU should have lost the game at all.

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