Ball State receiving (more) votes . . .

Ball State’s 42-20 win against Indiana on Saturday earned it a few more votes in both the media and coaches’ polls.

The Cardinals went from receiving one point in the AP polls to six. Fort Wayne News-Sentinel reporter Pete DiPrimio, who covered both the Central Michgan-Purdue game and the IU game on Saturday, ranks them 24th.

In the coaches’ poll, Ball State went from two votes to 16.

Here’s a link to both polls.

Not sure what to read into this. You read this blog, so obviously you are wise. Most of the people who cast these votes watch (or coach) one team closely and have the rest of college football in their periphery. So I’ve always viewed the rankings as more a barometer of how people “feel” about teams instead of any sort of realistic listing of the “best” teams in the country.

That’s not to say Ball State doesn’t belong where it’s currently listed. I think it does. Absolutely.

And if you turn it around and look at it a little big differently, the loss doesn’t seem quite as bad for IU. Even the most optimistic fans had to realize that if Indiana was going to play a top 40 team at home in week 3 it was going to have to play extremely well to win that game.

It didn’t, and it lost.

Michigan State, by the way, is also receiving votes (14 from the media, 37 from the coaches).