Big Ten objects to Pizza Express

5:50 p.m. update — click on the link at the end of this post for a more detailed story from H-T reporter Mercedes Rodriguez than we had earlier today.


A Bloomington pizza institution, the Big Ten Bargain from Pizza Express, has drawn the ire of the Big Ten Conference, which says the long-standing name for a special that includes a large pizza, breadsticks and soda infringes on the conference’s intellectual property.

The conference has demanded that Pizza Express stop using the name Big Ten Bargain.

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  1. The Big Ten just looks for ways to get Indiana. My theory that the Big Ten is a Communist organization is proving true.

  2. The Big Ten from Pizza Express was the staple of so many of my Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

    I will shed a tear if the conference rips it away.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Why not a large pizza, breadsticks and a soda and call it the The Sampson Special…”We’re just a phone call away”.

  4. I think the name originated when they were charging $10 for a lg 2 topping, stix, and 2 drinks.

    It is annoying for the conference with 11 teams to get possessive about the name, but maybe both parties should give up rights to the name since they’ve both outgrown its propper fit.

    11 teams in the league and 12 bucks for the 10 dollar special, screw them both. They don’t put half the amount of cheese and sauce on it they did back then too.

    Mother Bears Early Bird Special til 6 and Munchie Madness blows it out of the water and the pie is guaranteed to weigh twice as much.

  5. Okay, J Pat, I know Brand is an easy target, but he’s President of the NCAA, not the Big Ten.

    Get your facts straight before you start dissing on people.

  6. Youre right about that, Chris M. That kinda makes me feel better about the situation. Kinda. And Pizza Express’ cousin here in Indy, HotBox, charges about $16 or so for the Big 10 not counting delivery charge. The accuracy of the Big 10 special had been lost years ago. Still a legend of course. And still an absurd situation. As a law student, I’m apt to not rip on lawyers too hard, but man are these guys that bored or what?

  7. This isn’t as bad as the NFL suing a church for having a “Super Bowl” party, since the name Super Bowl is a copyright of the NFL.

    Juan Blanco is right, just call it a Big-11 Bargain now. 🙂

  8. So the conference higher-ups spend their time worrying about this kind of stuff rather than figuring out a way for IU, Purdue and Illinois to always play twice a year in hoops?? That’s truly pathetic, and I hope some Big Ten officials are reading this. Get a life and worry about things that actually effect the quality of competition in the league, or for that matter have ANY effect on the conference, you morons!!

    You guys talking about Mother Bear’s is too much, I haven’t had one of their pizzas in years. I’m heading in there next time I’m in town!!!

  9. Bloomington pizza stinks. Pizza Express, Mother Bears, Avers, it’s not that good.

    Anyways, the Big Ten did this with “Big Ten Burrito” earlier. They’re not picking on Indiana.

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