Board of Trustees: Live (and lively)

 The athletic department — and I really mean practically the whole thing — is here speaking with the board of trustees. Rick Greenspan will present the annual report.

And I’ll present some updates.


Mr. Greenspan has taken his seat at the table and is working through a power point presentation.

One interesting thing he has to say is that the Big Ten Network now has 89 percent penetration in Indiana, the highest of any state with a Big Ten team in it. He thinks this has helped other sports that have been “under covered” by the media, including baseball and women’s basketball.


Now we’re watching fancy videos of the two major construction projects, the North End Zone Facility and the Basketball Development Center (both of which need better names).

The football building should be done by July 2009, according to Greenspan. The basketball facility will be ready a month later, he says.

Both are striking, at least according to these computerized renderings.


So far, Rick Greenspan has detailed the many things he did to improve the athletic department at Indiana. And, in fact, he was quite successful in making the operation fiscally sound while also managing to grow it through new business ventures, improved facilities and increased marketing efforts.

But he just spoke of compliance, the one area that he may have faltered in. Either way, the Kelvin Sampson fiasco cost him his job. But he assured the board that the school has a strong compliance culture and that what happened with the basketball was an anomoly.


  1. I live in Indiana and can’t get the big ten network w/o paying extra through dish. Since most games are on big ten now the little people get screwed again.

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