1. Why are we wasting our time on “Crean”? Everyone knows he will be fired by the end of next season for losing 15 games a year. I’ll be the talk of Indiana for being the first to know it. I love this school and you losers are making me sick. Get used to losing because with Crean that will be all we have……heres a thought


  2. Re;’Fire Crean NOW!!!’; How in the world did you get by the anti-spam math problem? Does Mom know you’re skipping school and playing on her computer?

  3. Well, I have to admit, ‘Fire Crean Now!!’ is moronic in his/her/its posts, but if nothing else, he/she/it is persistent.

    FCN!!, feel free to continue your persistent stupidity, but don’t complain when Crean gets things turned around and everyone else gangs up on you in a most unholy manner!

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