Game-day issues: your thoughts?

So we’ve heard a lot about a couple of issues people had with last Saturday beyond the 42-20 trouncing delivered by the visiting team.

First, there was the report of a rowdier-than-usual scene in one of the parking lots where people were tailgating. (I’ve pasted a story about that after the jump.)

Then, I began getting e-mails and reading in the comments section of the difficulty some people had in getting to and then leaving the game due to heavy traffic.

If you have any anecdotes to share about the above two issues, list them here. We’re pretty tied up covering the game so we don’t often get a chance to be out reporting about issues such as these. Any input you have would be helpful as we dig  into them.

Excise police issue 97 summonses
Melee breaks out in Red Lot between fans

By Marcela Creps

The Herald-Times
September 22, 2008


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Indiana State Excise Police said Monday they were busy at this weekend’s football game where 97 summonses were issued.

According to Officer Travis Thickstun, the crowd in the Red Lot at 17th Street and Woodlawn Avenue got out of control with hundreds of bottles, cans, cups and other objects thrown into the air. From the yelling, police believe fans from Indiana University and Ball State University were arguing, and several people were observed fighting.

Thickstun said the area had a large number of people, which made it difficult to know who was throwing the items. He said along with bottles, cans and cups, he saw a few coolers fly through the air as police stepped in to quell the crowd.

“A full bottle of beer thrown into the air is dangerous,” Thickstun said. “That’s not people having fun. That’s not an acceptable way to enjoy tailgating. That’s a way for someone to get hurt.”

A few people had visible injuries, Thickstun said, but they refused medical assistance and the opportunity to file a police report. He said one subject, who appeared disheveled with torn clothing, spoke to officers but said he didn’t know who had attacked him or where they were. That person also refused medical treatment.

Thickstun said he’s worked a majority of IU home football games in the past six years and tailgaters usually don’t cause many problems. “The atmosphere of the tailgaters was not dangerous throughout the other parts of the tailgating area,” he said.

But because of the small area, large crowd and booze, the Red Lot area usually warrants a lot of attention from police. “When someone has a significant amount of alcohol, things eventually are bound to happen,” Thickstun said.

Indiana University Capt. Jerry Minger said when people started throwing cups and then cans, officers stepped in and directed people into the stadium as the game was almost ready to start. He said about 50 officers from three agencies responded when police in the area called for any available officers to respond to help disperse the crowd.

Minger said officers witnessed some shoving matches, but no one wanted to press charges. He said police arrested one man they saw throw a can. That man was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Of the summonses issued by excise police, 78 were for illegal possession or consumption of alcohol. Seven were charged with possession of false identification, five were arrested for public intoxication and three were arrested for false informing.

The other charges included one juvenile ticketed for possession of tobacco. An adult was cited for aiding a minor to possess alcohol. One person was arrested for intimidation while a second person was arrested for resisting law enforcement.

“Saturday’s tailgating crowd was the most out of control we have seen in several years,” Thickstun said in a prepared statement. “Excise police will continue strict enforcement of Indiana law at football games. It should be abundantly clear by now that someone breaking the law is subject to being ticketed or arrested.”


  1. I was near the area where things were being thrown, and it appeared to be mostly fraternity related although I could be wrong. That being said sometimes these things happen when you have large groups of people drinking in one area. I think people will come out of the woodwork on this and say abolish tailgating or why weren’t they in the stands (this was at least 30 min prior to kickoff), but this is college and sometimes crazy stuff happens. Do not ruin it for everyone because of the few, but also everyone cannot point at the few as if they have never been mischievous before.

  2. Our tailgating in the fields is out of control. It’s turned exclusively into a student only environment…no way would you want young kids out there. I think they should reserve the areas right behind the alumni association as student only areas, and let them get as drunk, loud, and unruly as they want. It’s obvious the administration doesn’t care if they get out of control, so let them get out of control away from the stadium…because as we all know, 99% of the kids who tailgate in the “normal” area don’t come to the games.

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