Indiana early 3-point favorite

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas are listing the Hoosiers as a 3-point favorite over Ball State Saturday. I don’t remember the line ever being so tight for a game with Indiana against a MAC opponent.

Not that it means a lot early in the season, but Jeff Sagarin’s computer ratings have Ball State (3-0) ranked higher than the Indiana (2-0). Sagarin has BSU as the No. 63 team in the country and IU as the No. 71 team.

In Sagarin’s ratings, both teams are hurt by easy schedules so far. Sagarin has Ball State as having the 127th-most difficult schedule to this point and Indiana as having the 199th-most difficult (out of 246 in I-A and I-AA).


  1. Doug – I saw on Rivals today that IU picked up another football recruit, a DE from Ohio. I was curious if you have any information on this new commit?

  2. Displaced Fan,

    We got sort of bogged down trying to figure out what the NCAA’s letter to IU asking to delay its response really means, and haven’t gotten to do the reporting on the new recruit, Javon Cornley.

    I’ll try to have more on that story ASAP. He’s a tall (6-5) DE out of Columbus who had been considering a bunch of MAC schools and Cincinnati.

  3. I just googled him for a few minutes tonight and he is a 2 star kid with offers from MAC schools. He is tall but not too fast from his 40 time. I am thinking he is a little light for DE but who knows.

  4. I was ridiculed a month ago for calling Ball State a “guaranteed loss” for IU. I’d love to be wrong, but I won’t be. We let Western Kentucky move the ball way too much, and our recent history of devastating early season letdowns (Connecticut, Division II Southern Illinois, etc) is the biggest reason why we aren’t working on a 3rd straight bowl game instead of second. I’m afraid we’re going to see a 500 yard day from the Cardinals.

  5. THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again, I fail to see how a 38-20 win last year automatically turns into “guaranteed loss”. Talk about an overhyped team.

  6. Let WKU move the ball too much? – we held them to 275 yards on the day. Not amazing, but it was the first game of the year and we just came out flat in the second half.

    Also, Akron and Navy held BSU to under 500 (though just slightly). What makes you think IU can’t do better?

    Early season let down? You do know in the other two years of Hep/Lynch coaching, we have had strong starts winning all our OOC games. There is more evidence against an early letdown than there is for it.

  7. Nate Davis has not faced a front four even close to ours. He has only been sacked once against Akron.. Just wait until Middleton gets in his face, it will be a different story.

  8. HuskyTom,

    So do you still watch/attend/follow the Hoosiers?

    If BSU was “guaranteed” then, I dont see why you’d waste your time even paying attention to the Hoosiers.

    Why should they even play the game? Why does BSU even have to come down here? We could just send them a check and tell them we know it’s not gonna work out, so they can have the W. That will save everyone a lot of gas money, time, etc.

  9. LOL @ HuskyTom. IU wins this game by at least 2 possessions. This is the easiest bet of the week. I still don’t understand why people think a MAC team can beat us. It’s the equivalent of predicting us to beat Michigan (when they were good) or Ohio State.

  10. History has no direct bearing on the future. Even the Red Sox are winning World Series these days. IU’s streak against MAC teams means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Each game is its own entity. IU lost to Southern Illinois, which was division II at the time. Where did that come from? Then, it lost to UConn, a “basketball school” in the first year of its football program. How embarrassing. Maybe if more people in this town took football seriously and demanded more from the team then this wouldn’t happen.

    I know I am being a whiner. At my core I am just bitter about the state of the Washington Husky football program, where every year we play top-5 teams in our OCC, and lose by 30-40 points. Once proud dominant, we now languish in anonymity. I’m putting all my hopes on the Hoosiers to lift my football spirits, yet my negativity spills over and makes me think that this will be yet another year of Bill Lynch “Ben-Chappell-Goes-In-On-First Ever College Snap 3rd-and-6 pass Interception Northwestern Wins”.

  11. HusyTom,

    If you are going to whine, PLEASE get your facts straight before you do. That was not Ben Chappell’s first ever College snap. Ben had took many snaps in the out of conference beat downs that the Hoosiers handed out last year. In fact he was 1-1 for 14 yards and a first down that allowed IU to keep the ball and burn the clock at the end of the game.

    Now that you know, you can let the whining continue.

  12. Good Lord, you sound like a real enjoyable person to be around. I honestly have no clue what there is to be negative about. I’m really looking forward to Saturday.

    And if history has no bearing on the future, why are you bringing up games from a couple of years ago, when our coach was out battling cancer? And if you haven’t noticed, we’ve improved since then.

  13. I just came from the site. After reading 5 threads that pertain to the IU/BSU game (or as they call us TSIB), all I can do is say thank you to all the people who post on this board. Even a thank you to the guys I don’t agree with.

    That was a joke, 5 threads, maybe 50-60 post, and the only actual football information was posted by an IU fan visiting their board. They are clueless, making ignorant score predicitons, with nothing that backs up thier claims.

    Kind of reminds me of two other posters on another article (drew d & BSU).

  14. “First ever college snap” sounds much better than “second ever college snap”, although the difference between one and two snaps is not exactly the difference between a Super Bowl QB and a rookie 7th round draft pick. So please don’t beg for “facts” when the “facts” your require carry the same importance as arguing over whether John McCain has 300 hairs on his head or 301.

  15. Husky,

    I am just tired of the “that pass cost us the game” BS crying. That pass did not lose the game for IU.

    If you remember right, IU had the lead 14-10 after that play, so that play didn’t even cost them to lose the lead.

    Maybe it had to do with the 456 yards of offense IU gave up, compared to the 296 yards we gained.

    Maybe it had to do with the fact IU only forced NW to punt the ball 1 time the entire game, compared to IU punting the ball 5 times.

    Yes I know that IU had 3 interceptions by the defense. Couple that with 1 punt, and a missed field goal, and we stopped them a total of 5 times on the day. IU had a fumble, and INT, and was forced to punt 5 times. They stopped IU 7 times on the day.

    Of the 3 INT’s that IU made, only one created points. Those points were scored in the 4th quarter. A score that gave IU a 28-24 lead with 5:34 left in the game.

    The defense then gave up a 12 play, 73 yard drive that featured 4 first downs. The defense had them at 3rd & 4, and gave up a 17 yard pass. They had them at 3rd & 1 and allowed a 2 yard carry. Then they had them at 3rd & 3 and allowed a 3 yard TD pass after a 4:50 had been ran off the clock.

    There were 3 chances on NW’s last scoring drive that IU had to win the game, the defense didn’t get the job done.

    So why don’t you find something else to cry about.

  16. Well, Mike Pea-

    I happen to view the NW game as a game where momentum was everything. It was obvious from the start that no one would be stopping anyone on offense. Therefore, whichever team could jump out to an early lead and gain critical momentum would be in position to take the W. We had an 11-point lead, and the ball, and were somewhere around our 40 yard line. Kellen goes down for a play, in comes Chapell. Hand the darn ball off, idiots. No first down? then punt it, and let NW go the length of the field. Who knows, in a tight game, that might be the difference.

    Of course, you know the rest of the story. Momentum swing, game over. That’s the way I see it. Can you pass me a kleenex, please?

  17. Seriously, do you really have this little of a clue?

    You want to talk momentum swing, 3rd quarter, IU is behind 24-14. IU goes 50 yards in 5 plays and cut the lead to 3 at 24-21. Enter the 4th quarter, Northwestern (NW) drives the field and they have 3rd & goal from the IU 3 yard line.

    Tracy Porter picks off his 2nd pass of the day in the end zone. This takes away NW’s chance to effectively seal the game.

    What transpired next is IU driving 80 yards in 11 plays for the go ahead score.

    That is what they call a momentum swing, it is now in favor of IU, and it is with 5:34 left in the 4th, not the entire 2nd half. From down 10 to up 4 (14 points), and shutting down a scoring drive is a 21 point swing.

    What happened next had absolutely nothing to do with the Chappell INT, and only an idiot would think so.

    IU gets NW into a 3rd & 4 situation from the NW 33. What do they do? They back up Porter & Majors off the receivers in zone coverage with the safeties in a cover 2 deep set.

    This allows the NW receivers to get separation and make a 17 yard completion to the 50 yard line for a 1st down.

    After that IU’s defense allows 2 first downs and 28 yards in the next 3 plays, NW was in field goal range, had the IU defense on the ropes, what NW did next was deliver the knock out punch.

    So yes, the play was a bad call, but it was not the reason they lost the game, it was 1 play out of 139 ran that day. Maybe if we were not 6-12 on 3rd down compared to 12-17 for NW.

    Think about this, you take away that defensive play by NW, and the IU special teams TD (the only 1 all season), and IU still loses that game.

    Do me a favor, before you post again, pull your head out of your butt, learn a little bit about the game and what happened during the whole thing, not just one bad play.

  18. Mike Pea-
    If what Jimmy says is true, that I sound like a grumpy old man, then you are somewhat of an odd combination of John Clayton of ESPN and kindergarten playground brat, complete with all the catch-phrases “get a clue”, “head in butt”, “cry baby”, etc.
    Wipe the snot of your face and relax- this is a blog, where people come to express opinions, no matter how “unsophisticated” or “crude” they appear. And please, save yourself the hand exercise (you’ll be needing that for something else, I have a feeling) by not typing back to me that “only people with real football knowledge are allowed here”. There is no idiot filter on this blog, for good reason: it is a place to foster debates and dialogues, not necessarily to draw X’s and 0’s and act like coaches.
    I have watched your posts from time to time, and I sincerely appreciate your knowledge of the game – it far exceeds my own. I especially respect your knowledge of recruiting, prospects, etc.
    However, don’t get so high and mighty that you can’t tolerate a dissonant voice from time to time. If you are so offended, you should be taking your superior knowledge to the networks and not wasting it here on the last place team in the Big 10.

  19. Husky,

    I was rude in my replies, and some things I said, the “clue” comment, “idiot”, and “head in butt” were uncalled for.

    For that I do apologize.

    I am fairly head strong about the game. To me there is no greater sport in the world. That is why I stay involved in coaching. There are many times the intent of my post are to educate, and nothing more. However I have an extremely high competitive streak, and I don’t always keep it in check when someone post something that, to me, is a true contradiction of what really transpired in the game.

    The kind of fan I am with IU is how I feel about every Cubs fan I know. Regardless of the outcome, win or lose, the “next year is our year” chant, I am a fan till the end. I am at games 2 hours early (drives my kid nuts), and I don’t leave till the clock reads 0:00, regardless of if we are getting blown out or are blowing out someone.

    Again, I apologize for the rude and uncalled for statements in my post.

    I do stand by my analysis of the game, what transpired late in the game, and horrible coaching decision with the defensive schemes in that last drive, well pretty much all year long on 3rd down.

    I will never understand why a coach would have the corner give a receiver 8-12 yards cushion on a 3rd & 4 play, or why they would run the coverage in zone on such short yardage that leaves an open space to put the ball in.

  20. I see a lot of people running HuskyTom down but the only thing he missed was the total yards. BSU only racked up 463 not 500. But he was correct; BSU was a guaranteed loss for us. There is so much focus on BSU’s offence everyone missed the fact that their defense was so strong. I saw three BSU linemen with no blitz put more pressure on Lewis than we have seen all year. We were lulled into a false sense of security by playing very weak opponents early on. I just hope we can course correct before the Michigan State game. If Ball State can hammer us by 22 points what are the other Big Ten programs going to do?

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