Indiana vs. Ball State preview

Check out Jared Poertner’s preview by clicking here.

It includes full rosters and lineups on a PDF, which you can print out if you’re going to the game.  One update to the starting lineup is that it appears unlikely that safety Austin Thomas will play for the Hoosiers.

Coach Bill Lynch said Wednesday that the availability of Thomas will be a game-time decision. But with Thomas wearing a protective boot on an injured foot or ankle on the sidelines at practice – and Joe Kleinsmith saying he expects to start in place of Thomas – it looks like Thomas will be out Saturday.


  1. We’re starting a former Kicker over the #1 safety recruit in the country. Yes, that’s the brilliant coaching move done by our safeties coach.

    Can we please fire Mike Yeager? Every player I’ve talked to says he’s an , thinking that if you aren’t from a certain part of Ohio you can’t play football.

    The entire staff is great, outside of this one bad egg.

  2. So, I assume you’ve been watching practices, and know who’s been playing better? Seriously, Finch will play even if he doesn’t start.

  3. I know we don’t see everything, but I really question this.

    IU petitions the NCAA to make Finch eligible this season, they put him at #2 on the depth chart for SS. The #1 goes down, and they move the #2 FS in front of the #2 SS?

    The duties and assignments of the safeties are vastly different. I would like to hear why the coaches feel this way and something remotely rational as an explanation for this.

  4. What?

    You like the offensive scheme and the one-page playbook?

    I love the Hoosiers, and I hope we win huge tonight, but this isn’t exactly the first coaching decision that I question.

    Last year vs. NU-for example-we have a 3rd down and a shaken quarterback, we decide we need 1 good throw…we choose a kid who has never thrown a pass in the BigTen over another who set records for touchdown passes the previous season. We all know how disastrous that almost was. Thank Heaven for Austin Starr, or we DON’T play 13.

    I just hope the real reason for this is NOT nthat Finch is trying to play hurt.

  5. Dude,

    Get off the NU play. It did not lose us the game.

    This isn’t the only thing I question, but since it was information put in Doug’s post, I addressed the situation at hand.

    Not something from last season that NO LONGER matters!

  6. OK Mike P,

    You and I usually agree here. I won’t mention that one again.

    2 Weeks of preparation for this?

    How about Lewis still in the game running for his life with less than two minutes and down 22?

    In your opinion, what is the one thing that other teams worry most about IU’s SET offense THIS year? Not the scrambling/broken plays, the SET offense?

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