IU adds walk-on guard

Tom Crean told a lunch-time crowd today that the Hoosiers planned to add Steven Gambles, a 2005 North Central graduate, to the team as a walk-on.

Gambles appears to be another guard with some size — one online site listed him at 6-5, 205 pounds. He played alongside Eric Gordon at North Central, where he averaged 8.9 points and 4.5 rebounds per game as a senior, before joining he basketball team at IUPUI briefly.

Apparently Gambles has not yet done every last thing he needs to do to be officially added to the roster. If and when he does, the Hoosiers’ roster will consist of eight eligible scholarship players, five walk-ons and one scholarship player who will redshirt due to NCAA transfer rules.


  1. If we have to resort to walk-ons, and apparently we do- aren’t there any that are 6’9″ wandering around? I’m all for big guards, and I am certain Crean knows much better then me, but sheesh.

  2. Don’t even worry about it. I used to play with Steve all the time in Indy, he’s a solid player and I’m sure one of the best on the team now.

  3. Told ya so, told ya so! cant recruit!! I told you months ago “Fire Crean Now while we can” everybody was ” Hes awesome. gonna name my kid “crean”. No he isnt, he will destroy all of Indianas legacy……wait and see
    5 walk-on(everyone else committed to UNC, Memphis, Duke, Kentucky and now TENNESSEE!! WTF?

    but everyone run around patting yourselfs on the backs….we got 5 walk-ons and the other kid committed to “Charolette” WOW we have 5(FIVE) walk-ons! keep believing but this time next year I’m gonna look like a genius!

  4. Fire Crean NOW!?????
    You must be an idiot!!! or a Purdue fan either way you sure dont know much about whats going on down in IU.

  5. exactly….just look who’s coming in next year. anybody iu could get at this point wouldn’t play next year anyway, so why waste scholarships?

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