Kelvin Sampson speaks

Former Indiana basketball coach Kelvin Sampson has issued the following statement through his publicist today:

“In no way did I ever hide or withhold information from Indiana University’s compliance department. I vehemently deny the inference that I made and concealed impermissible calls. The NCAA has never alleged that I initiated any illegal phone calls to recruits while serving as the head coach at Indiana. I always provided Indiana with everything they requested, including all documents and phone records.”


  1. I would want to believe that IU is telling the truth but, are they? How do we know? But with Sampson’s history as having done the same thing at OU. But how do we know,… Well I think they both knew. And I think IU knew also. There are some things that are so much a part of life that people build their lives around it. And that’s why these things exist.

  2. I did not have sex with that woman*

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    Kelvin “cellphone” Sampson

  3. How do we know? We have phone records that prove what happened. Maybe you believe him that he didn’t know he was on 3-way calls, maybe you don’t, but bottom line is, he did it.

  4. “Initiated” and “made” are the key words here. He is just too smooth, but he shouldn’t be able to fool any of us anymore.

  5. So because he has a job with the NBA all of the sudden his word is credible? Why would he lie? A better questions is why would he tell the truth?

  6. No one knows who’s telling the truth. Anyone who claims to is terribly mistaken. None of us has enough intimate knowledge of the situation to know for sure, so let’s refrain from making bold claims that can’t be substantiated. IU, Sampson and the NCAA have done enough of that already.

  7. kelvin may not have made or initiated calls but he got patched in on them and tried to outfox the iu and the ncaa that way. if he and his assistants gave the iu compliance people false phone numbers or call records then that indicates intent on their parts.

    the iu compliance folks couldn’t police what they couldn’t detect; hope the ncaa sees it that way.

    they may say iu should have known, in dealing with a previous offender like kelvin, that his propensity to do it again might lead him to try to fake them out and they should have been on the lookout for that.

    depends on how much the ncaa is out to get iu for this…

  8. He still has reason to lie the biggest reason is he knows he can’t/wont go by the rules in the NBA and if he admits he will have a difficult time getting a new coach job anywhere it is just a matter of time before he does something else….

  9. If I were Kelvin Sampson, I might have been clued me in that I was on a 3 way call when the caller ID listed my assistant calling me but a recruit talking on the phone. Of course, if that wasn’t enough to clue him in, perhaps the sound of his assistant talking on the phone would have.

  10. This is insane. If the NCAA sides with Sampson, the same guy they slapped with phone call infractions in the past, something is wrong… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I feel like no matter what is said, the NCAA and good ol’ Myles have an agenda here, and are going to extend our punishments even farther, even though there have been much worse cases in the past at other schools and they have gone unpunished.

    And HEY, NCAA, look at our squad for this year!!!! You’re telling me we haven’t yet paid the price???? The NCAA is all about hidden agenda’s and not for the benefit of the schools and student athlete’s as it should be.

  11. Casey I am with you about bold statements from all involved. However, there are some things that seem to me to be true. !. Sampson made bad calls. 2. An intern found them. 3. IU knew that Sampson was on probation and under tight rules. So,in regards to IU’s “failure to monitor”, I find it hard to believe that IU had a great compliance system in place. If it was so great why did an intern find them months later?? Of course, it could have been a great compliance system and they new about the calls and for whatever reason chose to do nothing.

  12. RonB, in response to your reply, I would say only that I think IU in no way did any worse than other comparable schools as far as monitoring their coaches. I truly believe that. If you read their more detailed explanation of the compliance system that was in place, it involved sifting through over 5,000 phone calls individually. It is feasible that some impermissible calls got buried in that list. And to their credit, the violation was discovered eventually, and promptly reported.

    I think if you looked at any other major basketball program’s compliance department, you’d find similar or even more relaxed procedures.

    Our mistake here was hiring Sampson. That’s what it comes down to. The fact is we hired someone with a greasy record. Most coaches of prestigious programs have enough personal integrity that they don’t need to be put under a microscope. The man we chose lacked that, and now we’re paying for it.

    I don’t think there should be a “failure to monitor” charge. I think there should be a “failure to use proper judgment in hiring an appropriate coach” charge. I think that’s the ultimate issue. That was our true screw up.

  13. Casey,
    Well said.

    However, believing the Sampson story, in the light of the evidence we have read these last months stretches credulity to the breaking point.

  14. Why would KS lie now? Maybe he has a reputation to salvage. I don’t think anyone would want to be known as a liar and cheat. Just not the kind of thing you can carry around and still look people in the eye. IU should be sanctioned for hiring the scum bag to begin with.

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