Love should live normal life but won’t play football

Dante Love.Ball State has issued this release about wide receiver Dante Love.


Due to the nature of Dante Love’s injury during Ball State’s football game at Indiana Sept. 20, his football playing career is expected to be over. However, after a rehabilitation period, he is expected to be able to live a normal and healthy life. On behalf of his family, the Ball State family and the Muncie community, we truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. We continue to keep Dante Love and his family in all our thoughts as he begins the rehabilitation process. Ball State University would like to publicly thank those who assisted Dante and his family during the emergency, including the Indiana State Police, the IU athletic training and medical staff, Dr. Callahan and Dr. Horner, Indiana University’s game operations and athletic staff and the Bloomington and Methodist Hospital doctors and staff.


  1. Heartwarming and heartbreaking in the same post. I’m so glad that things look positive for Dante Love overall, but such a shame that such a powerful player has had his career end this way.
    I continue to pray for Dante’s full and complete recovery.

  2. I am like Megan, in that I am glad to hear his overall quality of life will be normal, but am sad to see such a promising young mans career come to an end on that play. I also continue to pray for a full and complete recovery.

    My thoughts are also with Adkins, and the emotional stress that he is under. You could tell on the field that his concern was with Dante in his body language after the hit. I hope he realizes that he made a clean and legal hit, that it was an accident, and he was only doing what he is supposed to do.

    I am really finding it hard to get my mind ready for a game tonight. I also found myself 2nd guessing letting my own child suit up for his game tonight. Something I never have before.

    I just have to remember, he plays by his own choice, and it is his decision to put on the pads or not.

  3. wow. good news that he will be able to recover but wow on the fact that his career is over.. I know I would be devastated, so God bless him and his family… I hope his family didn’t splurge on things thinking that he’d be in the NFL..

  4. Wow. I’m so glad he’s going to be ok, but that’s so sad at the same time. He was just getting started. I’ll be thinking about him!

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