Lynch on his visit with Dante Love

Indiana head football coach Bill Lynch and his wife, Linda, went to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis on Sunday to visit injured Ball State wide receiver Dante Love.

You could see the concern on Lynch’s face as he hovered near the huddle of people working on Love in the seconds after he was injured near Indiana’s sideline on Saturday night.

Lynch doesn’t know Love well, but they have strong ties: Lynch’s son Joey played quarterback at Ball State during the first two years of Love’s career.

“I know how much my son thought of Dante,” Lynch said Tuesday. “He really thought the world of him.”

Love was awake and able to speak when Lynch visited on Sunday.

“When I was there he was certainly tired,” Lynch said. “But he was very aware.”

Lynch did show some concern for Chris Adkins, whose solid hit led to Love’s injury. Adkins will speak with the program’s psychologist, Chris Carr, tomorrow.

“I think he’s fine,” Lynch said of Adkins. “He’s a young guy, too. I think it would effect any of us. But I think he’s a mature guy. He also knows that it was an unfortunate thing that happened.”

Love suffered a neck fracture and an injury to his spinal cord early in the second quarter Saturday night. He underwent successful surgery on Sunday morning. He suffered no paralysis and doctors said he will be able to live a normal life but not return to football.

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  1. I’m upset with our coaching, but I am proud of BL for going to see Love in the hospital. What a scary moment that was at the Rock. Wonderful news that the young man is going to be able to recover.

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