Lynch: “We didn’t play well enough.”

Bill Lynch.

Though Indiana football coach Bill Lynch tried to discuss mostly his team’s upcoming game against Michigan State, much of the talk from Tuesday’s press conference centered on the team’s 42-20 loss to Ball State.

Specifically, the question of what went wrong.

“Ball State’s a very good football team on both sides of the ball,” Lynch said. “We didn’t play well enough. I say that in respect to a lot of fundamental things. Execution. Those are things that are very, very correctable.”

Lynch said the real dread comes to a coach when he watches film and sees holes that can’t be plugged — or at least covered up. He didn’t see that this weekend. But he is still trying to figure out what caused the fundamental problems.

“Why we didn’t play well enough?,” he said. “Well, that’s another issue.”

That issue was one Lynch started to address in fairly light practice yesterday. In few minutes, he’ll lead his team onto the practice field to workout in full pads. The Hoosiers will also be working through the Michigan State gameplan.

Lynch was asked whether he believed Indiana’s loss — which took place in front of 41,000 fans and was not a flukey game that could easily be shaken off — had hurt the reputation of his program.

“We don’t concern ourselves with that,” he said. “We’ve gotta get better. If you worry about those things you aren’t doing your job in terms of getting your football team together.”


  1. Yeah, I know coaches want to keep things simple, but I’m growing more and more tired of hearing “they’re a great football team,” or “we didn’t execute well enough.”

    The fact is, it was a MAC team playing a Big Ten team. There is absolutely no excuse for losing to Ball State. I want to hear more than that we simply didn’t play well enough. I’d rather lynch come in and yell and break a chair instead of the same robotic quotes every time we lose. I see no real emotion from anyone.

  2. Casey, I was going to say the same thing so you saved me time. I listened to the Lynch show last night with Fish and it almost made me sick. The team was not prepared and did not make any adjustments. Hep fired the team up and now they come out flat. Dinardo and Cameron failed to get the team up too.

  3. I wouldn’t say that there is “no excuse” for losing to Ball State. Better Big Ten programs have lost to worse MAC teams. The problem isn’t so much that we lost, it’s that as Chris notes, this wasn’t a fluke. If anything, the bounces went our way, and could have been worse. Upsets happen, but this wasn’t an upset. They were much better than us, and that’s a problem.

    I couldn’t care less about Lynch’s demeanor or what he says in press conferences, unless he says something stupid. His job is to get results. Some successful coaches are rah-rah guys, some are not. The same goes for unsuccessful coaches, by the way. He’ll either succeed or he won’t, but breaking chairs in a press conference isn’t going to do it.

  4. John, we are just saying that the guy shows NO emotion at any time…win or lose. That is a problem in my book! I am not sure they were that much better than us. I think they were UP for the game and after Love went down, it was pure emotion. IU failed to counter, plain and simple.

  5. Good Call JPat,

    Sorry you missed seeing it in person.

    Some guys aren’t “fiery” but they usually have underlings that are. There were a lot of white shirts and tan pants on our sideline, but not much evidence of motivating/adjusting going on!

    Michigan lost to App State last year, and their coach is gone….

    Our offense was absolutely pathetic. Two nice catches by Means, and a little hard running from Payton, and the rest was just scrambling around and turning the ball over!

    2 weeks preparation?

  6. Lack of preparation and no/poor/incorrect adjustments are what make me upset. I do think this was a great BSU team, probably their best ever and maybe a legitimate top 30, or top 20 team. That said, we did not play well, seemed unprepared and seemed to make few adjustments–and none that were all that productive.

    Our D didn’t look new and improved and awesome as touted, it looked like that same ol’ Hoosier D. Worse yet, moving the ball and scoring the points wasn’t supposed to be the problem vs. Ball State. Yet, we struggled several times and Kellen’s accuracy was as worse as I’ve ever seen it. We had a few possessions in the 3rd and 4th quarters when we were down 8 to make it a game, and all we got was a missed FG. A score on any of those chances and things could have turned out differently. Those things, among others, trouble me.

    I loved Coach Hep and Coach Knight. However, all that rah-rah BS just isn’t for some people and I don’t care that Lynch doesn’t do it. What I do care about is that Lynch shows results, and as long as he does so legally then how he achieves those results are his business.

    I’m not going to bail on him quite yet, but things could get rough real quick if they can’t get something going in the next couple weeks.

  7. I don’t know if we can rush into talk of firing Lynch, simply because we’ve only played 3 games thus far this season.

    In reply to some other comments, I do agree that being a fiery individual isn’t a requirement for being a coach. I guess what concerns me most is that a comment like “we didn’t play well enough,” is somewhat unsettling. That sounds like something I would say…not something a professional, division 1, Big Ten football coach should be saying. Every time we lose it seems that Lynch is puzzled, like he can’t believe we lost–like we were so amazingly prepared that anything short of total victory is inconceivable. However, anyone who’s been watching IU for the last several years knows that getting your hopes up is a risk that’s usually futile. For once, I’d like to hear a coach say “This is why we lost. This is what we’re going to do to fix it.” I’m tired of ambiguities and cliche mantras that respect the opponent. Be honest and take some action. Surprise us for once with a victory that we shouldn’t have…and then another, and another.

  8. I was at the game Saturday night and we were just plain outplayed and outcoached. The guy on the other sideline and his coaches were very impressive. They took our all american candidates and made them look really bad. Kudos to a great coaching job from the Ball State bunch. Wish I could say the same for the the guys in red.

  9. So when do we talk about firing Lynch Casey? After we lose to more MAC teams? Its obvious on the field he has no idea what plays to call… Draw, QB roll out, strait handoff. Mike P probably has a more complex Pee Wee offense. Maybe when MSU beats us by 30 this week you will want to talk about firing him.. Lynch has never, ever shown anything to me that says he deserves this job. Hep died, we played on emotion and made it to a bowl.. Lynch got the job by default. Period. Get rid of him!!!

  10. I agree, he has no emotion fire him. He’s just like Tony Dungy and Jim Tressel, no emotion and they don’t give much info in press conferences. And what have those 2 ever done?? What super bowl champ and national champ? Oh, maybe emotion and press conferences aren’t the deciding factor in a head coach.

    I have no idea what Lynch is like in the locker room. If he gives standard one-liners and no emotion to the team that’s one thing, but I imagine he’s trying to fix things behind the scenes. Did you really expect him to come out to the press and say “Lewis can’t make good decisions and thta’s why we lost”?

    I was at the game. The run game looked good, the receivers were open. Lewis throws a nice ball but had no idea where to throw it. He locks in on one guy. If he’s open we get a nice completion (like the two great throws to Means deep. If he’s not, Lewis runs or worse, throws it to the wrong spot.

  11. Juan,

    I agree. I’m not defending Lynch, I’m simply stating that firing a coach three games into his first year as our official head coach constitutes hasty decision-making in my opinion. I don’t like Lynch, and I don’t think he’s the best fit for the job either. But firing him mid-season would be another bad emotion-based decision. Who would you suggest to replace him. There are no coaches available three weeks in. I personally hope his tenure here is short. But he needs to be given more than three games to make his case.

    And Mav, I was at the game too. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you. The run game is horribly inconsistent. Thigpen should not be our starter. Payton has one good run followed by an unproductive run. Same for Demetrius. The receivers weren’t open. Ball state was putting 3 guys on the line with frequency, and Lewis was still getting flushed from the pocket. No one was open, and he didn’t have anywhere to go. Thus, he racks up a billion rushing yards and we lose by 20.

    Not good.

  12. Seriously Mav.. You have to be joking! Lynch will never even sniff a Big-11 title and you’re comparing him to TONY DUNGY??? Clueless you are… The run game looked good?? Kellen was our leading rusher. AGAINST BSU! The ground game is crap! Passing game is crap!
    7 penalties… I know it was after a bye but still inexcusable. Dude, Navy and Akron were able to score more than the Hoosiers… How can you say anything good about the offense? Silly…

  13. Clearly, he wasn’t saying Lynch is as good as Dungy or Lynch. He’s pointing out that guys who “show some fire” on the sideline aren’t always successful and that seemingly laid back coaches like those two can have quite a bit of success. Of course, laid back coaches who win are considered level-headed and calm. Laid-back coaches who lose are considered emotionless and poor motivators. Rah-rah coaches who win are great motivators; rah-rah coachs who lose, like Ed Orgeron and John L. Smith, are considered psychos.

  14. I said he is comparing them John.
    “He’s just like Tony Dungy and Jim Tressel, no emotion and they don’t give much info in press conferences.” That looks like a comparison to me dude… Clearly…
    I don’t care if he doesn’t say a word or lights himself on fire. Either way he is a terrible football coach.
    And Casey,
    I think IU football needs some “hasty” decision making for once… I’m so tired of the S.O.S.

  15. Actually, lighting himself on fire would be pretty awesome. Then, we wouldn’t have to have these debates. Too far???

  16. Mav:

    Lynch may be the same, except he hasn’t won a Super Bowl like Dungy nor made it to the BCS Championship like Tressel. Other than that…… 🙂

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