Men’s soccer: IU vs. Wisconsin

Armstrong Stadium bathed in sunlight as we get ready to start. Feel free to follow along here and on the Big Ten Network. Today’s soccer celebrity in the house is former Hoosier Pat Noonan. That’s enough name-dropping for now. Game will kick off a few minutes after 3 p.m.


We’re off and kicking in this Big Ten opener for both teams. Hoosiers are using the same lineup as the last four games with Rich Balchan at defender and Daniel Kelly at forward. Captain Brad Ring is back in the lineup after leaving early in last Sunday’s game against San Diego. Hoosiers 0, Badgers 0

30:00, first half: No score so far, but Indiana has been aggressive from the start. IU has outshot Wisconsin, 3-0. It seems like it’s just a matter of time though. Hoosiers 0, Badgers 0

21:09, first half: We’re at the first-half TV timeout, and IU is still looking to crack the Wisconsin defense. The Hoosiers have been applying steady pressure, but so far the Badgers have responded well. Hoosiers 0, Badgers 0

15:33, first half: Brian Ackley and Neil Wilmarth are in at forward as IU tries to wear down the Wisconsin defenders with some fresh bodies. Lee Hagedorn is also in at midfield. Hoosiers 0, Badgers 0

9:13, first half: Persistence pays off as Ackley bangs home the goal after a couple of Wilmarth throw-ins and a cross. Hoosiers 1, Badgers 0

5:30, first half: Wisconsin has the answer, scoring thrugh a scrum in front of goal after a corner kick was not cleared. Hoosiers 1, Badgers 1


The biggest concern for IU in the second half may be the status of Chay Cain’s fingers. Prior the Wisconsin goal, he knocked down a cross then had to punch a long shot over the net, then got up grimacing and shaking his fingers. Looked like he may have jammed the fingers or knuckles on one of those plays. He never got a finger on the Badgers’ scoring shot though. Hoosiers 1, Badgers 1

Second half is under way and Cain is back between the pipes, no worse for the wear. Hagedorn starts the second half at midfield in place of John Mellencamp. Everything else is the same. Hoosiers 1, Badgers 1

26:00, second half: Nobody’s putting the ball in the net, but the Hoosiers creating chances and drawing plenty of fouls, including a yellow card. Hoosiers 1, Badgers 1

23:45, second half: Now the ball is finding the net faster than I can type. The Hoosiers took the lead in the 66th minute on a left-footed laser by Wilmarth. But before the IU band finished doing pushups, the Badgers tied it up. Hoosiers 2, Badgers 2

21:34, second half: Second-half TV timeout, and apparently, lightning has been sighted. That means a 30-minute delay. Indiana has never trailed today but they haven’t led for very long either. I’ll be back when the game is. Hoosiers 2, Badgers 2

Lightning delay: Teams are back on the field and warming up. We should be back to soccer in a couple of minutes. Ackley is back in at forward as we resume. Hoosiers 2, Badgers 2

7:31, second half: Both teams showing renewed energy after the break with Wisconsin having several dangerous chances. It seems the Badgers may have been benefitted most from the break as it negated Indiana’s depth advantage. Bruin back in for Ackley. Hoosiers 2, Badgers 2


Referee swallows his whistle in the final minute as it appears Bruin was dragged down inside the six. That means we’ll have our second overtime match of the day. We’ll see if the IU men can match the women with a game-winner. Hoosiers 2, Badgers 2


Instead of two minutes, it took the men just over three minutes to score the game-winner as Eric Alexander volleyed home Neil Wilmarth’s cross just 3:07 into overtime. IU extends its 13-year winning streak against Wisconsin. Hoosiers 3, Badgers 2

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