Michigan State at IU will kick at noon

So says this press release from Jeff Keag at IU . . .



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana-Michigan State football game on Saturday, Sept. 27, will kick off at noon EDT at Memorial Stadium and will be televised on either ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPN Classic. It will be announced after this weekend’s games which channel will pick up the contest. The game can also be heard on the statewide IU Radio Network (Don Fischer, Pete Compise and Joe Smith).

Game times are predicated on the Big Ten Conference television agreement with the Big Ten Network, ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 and are often not announced until 12 days before kickoff.

Indiana (2-0) welcomes in-state rival Ball State (3-0, 1-0 MAC) to Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 20. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. EDT and the game will be televised by the Big Ten Network

In addition to the action on the field, the 1988 Liberty Bowl Hoosiers will hold a reunion this weekend. The Bill Mallory-led team finished the 1998 season 8-3-1 and posted a 34-10 victory over South Carolina in the Liberty Bowl.


  1. Boo.

    This is yet another reason IU can expect to see empty seats at home games.

    I bet if you did a study, student attendance would decrease significantly in home games played at noon–which seems to be, more often than not, the time that many of our home games have started over the last few years. Think about it–IU students have most likely been out partying on friday night. They’re not going to want to turn around an be inside the gates at noon the next day. Most of us aren’t even awake yet.

    …just a thought.

    And how does scheduling work? Is it the Big Ten or IU that schedules these times? Regardless, IU should start making a push for less of these early games.

  2. I agree. And for those of us driving down from Indy, you have to get up pretty early if you want to tailgate. Something I don’t like doing on Saturday mornings. At least it’s noon, pre-daylight savings time it was 11am. The conference/TV people make these decisions. I’m sure mid-afternoon would be the best. But, we’ll just have to continue to improve so people will want to get out of bed, they do everywhere else.

  3. The Big Ten and Big Ten Network drive the game times now. A 3:30 kick off would be preferable. The best attendance (without checking figures) seems to be during those games.

    The BTN needs to wake up on their scheduling. Placing 5 or 6 games at Noon, none at 3:30, and then a 7:00 game makes no since. Split the start times up. Give someone a 3:30 kick off on the network.

  4. IU has no control over these game times. And a ton of schools play noon games…..all the excuses are getting a little old.

    Its going to be an important game. We need to be there.

  5. You said it, Jimmy. I live in Indy now after being at IU the past 4 years and have been at both games so far this season and will be at the remaining 6 home games, regardless of what time kickoff is. If IU football matters enough to you, you’ll be there. If tailgaiting is more important to you, go do that and keep saying the team needs to get better.

    I think this week’s crowd will be a great one. A night game has a certain excitement to it and with it being two in-state teams that are undefeated, plenty of interest should be generated. If IU can win, hopefully that will make some more people, especially those in Indy want to wake up a little earlier to get to the game against MSU.

    Here’s hoping for a beatdown of Ball State!

  6. The Big Ten’s TV contract with the ABC & the ESPN Networks drives the game times. The 3:30 game time is reserved for only ABC. It states in the contract that games on The Big Ten Network can only take place at the 12:00 & 7:00 (and later). No games are allowed to be broadcast and start at the same time as the 3:30 games time slot.

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