Tom Crean press conference

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean will hold a press conference any second now.

I’ll provide updates as soon as that happens.


Here’s what Crean has to say to open it: the recruiting period started yesterday. He’s trying to balance being on the road with keeping his current players first. Developing them, he says, is by far the most important thing.

There will be a workout later today at 3:30. Those are the “individual” workouts, though four players may be on the court at one time.


The team had a 3.34 GPA for the summer. That pleases Crean.


Crean’s been able to balance his schedule well because of the number of commitments the program already has. He’s not out visiting a ton of guys. He’s able to do workouts and send his assistants — Roshown McLeod is out today — out to see recruits.


Crean says that he is still recruiting to the 2009 class. “It sounds cliche,” he said, “but you just have to do what’s best for the future of your program.”

Matt Roth has an injured shoulder and is not in workouts this week.

Crean would like to add two more walk ons through open tryouts.


Crean is careful to not put much pressure on his team and assistants. “We’re in as uncharted waters as there has ever been,” he said.


Crean has seen some strengths. He thinks the team will shoot well. And will be able to get open shots by driving and kicking. It’s a small team, so he’ll try to use that. Speed and quickness and making the next pass are key.


Crean will build a system around the talent he has this year. He’s recruiting for his system, but knows it won’t work until he has more of the types of players who make it work.


Crean has implemented one of his systems: the academic support system. It’s the same one he used at every other stop along the way. “There’s not negotiating going on,” he said. “These guys have an idea of what we’re trying to accomplish.”


Crean has a plan for Hoosier Hysteria (Midnight Madness). He wants to bring back as many former players as possible.


Crean’s been given a chance to look at Indiana’s response to the “failure to monitor” charge. He added a few things but thought, overall, that it was strong. He tried to pound home the same message he has since the middle of summer: the self-sanctions were extreme, and hurt the program severely as they were intended to do.

He said that the possibility of further NCAA sanctions is constantly brought up by competitors on the recruiting trail. He’s having to fight that with players and their parents.


“There’s a sense of paranoia,” about rules compliance, Crean says. The staff is triple-checking everything.


Crean said the athletic director search is moving into a stage where names are being named. More than than, he’s not allowed to say. “I don’t want to get kicked off the committee,” he joked.


  1. Good notes from Crean,

    I’ve been off here for a while and have a question about the recruiting. It sounds like they have been off campus a lot with kids and even mentions above that one assistant is off campus now. Have the recruiting restrictions been lifted for this school year. Stupid question I know.

  2. BA,

    Yes. Most of the restrictions were lifted on Aug. 1.

    Indiana still has to not use one of its scholarships this season (and will also give up two others due to APR issues) but the coaching staff is back to its normal allotment of calls and visits.

  3. Well that’s great for the new staff. I don’t know why I thought they had another year under those restrictions. Thanks for keeping me informed Chris.

  4. I was a little puzzled reading the recruiting article in today’s paper. It said that it is now accepted practice to offer one more scholarship than is actually available on the assumption that natural turnover will mean that things work out ok. But what happens if no one leaves? Does some poor guy lose his scholarship–presumably the least gifted player. This seems very unfair. Does anyone know if this is really how it works?

  5. Chris- I thought Mcleod wasn”t allowed to go out to recruit,or is some one else sraying home, or can they take turns. Anyone else that knows for sure fell free.

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