Update on Dante Love

Ball State has released this update on wide receiver Dante Love, who was carted off the field last night after taking a hit early in the second quarter.

This seems like it is good news, given the circumstances.


Dante Love was examined by a team of neurosurgeons, who consulted with the Ball State medical and athletic training staffs, at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  Dante underwent surgery early Sunday morning, which lasted approximately five hours.

“Dante Love suffered a cervical spine fracture and spinal cord injury which required surgery to stabilize the fracture.  He is currently moving all four extremities.”
— Dr. Jay Matchett, Ball State team physician and orthopedic surgeon.

“We were told the surgery went well.  Sunday morning Dante was alert and extremely tired.  His attitude and spirits are good, and we are praying for him right now.”
— Ball State head football coach Brady Hoke, who was at the hospital with Dante throughout the night.


  1. The good news is that he is moving all his extremities.

    It’s scary that in one instance, your whole life, and whole perspective on life can change.

    Good luck Dante.

  2. Sounds like Coach Hoke is a stand-up guy. Don’t know anything about him beyond his actions following Love’s injury, but what I do know has impressed me.

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