An Oregonian take on De Carolis

I’ve spent the morning trying to gather information on Bob De Carolis, the Oregon State Athletic director who may be the focus of Indiana’s search for Rick Greenspan’s replacement.

I just came across this column by John Canzano — who, if I remember correctly, briefly covered IU at one point in his career — pleading with Oregon State to do all it can to keep De Carolis.

Give it a read.


  1. De Carolis sounds like a HELL of a guy. This would be an awesome hire. Especially since what we have now is a complete s*** show!

  2. Please get him, and have him start the FB coach hiring process. Fire lynch or let him be a man and step down. The new AD wont take the job with Lynch on the payroll.

  3. Not so fast. It takes more than a sob story to make him qualified as AD for THE Indiana University. I want him properly vetted. We’ve jumped the gun on too many hires lately.

  4. AMEN Aruss! De Carolis sounds like a good hire, but we can’t just jump on the first “good” hire that comes our way. Lets wait for the best possible hire, then hire that guy.

  5. Found a site that says Canzano was the nation’s No. 2 sports columnist, according to the AP. That’s good enough for me. DeCarolis sounds like a hell of a hire.

  6. He isnt some Joe off the st like Lynch was. DeCarolis’s name surfaced because IU is already vetting him. His name would not have been in the mix, had IU not found him to be qualified. The question is whether is wants to come here or not!

  7. One thing that kind of worries me is that IU is not a football school, OSU is. Their basketball team has not been successful as of late, but then again, OSU doesn’t have the appeal that IU does. I just hope he can rejuvenate the football program. Basketball will be fine.

  8. Canzano is part of the mainstream media elite (like korman and wilson) so his being ranked #2 columnist does nothing for me.

    As for osu being a football school, color me unimpressed. There are only two osu football schools that mean anything to hoosier fans – Oklahoma State (for uncovering the fraud that is lynch in the bowl game last year) and Ohio $tate. Give me a candidate with ties to those schools and i’ll be impressed.

  9. Just happened by your blog — I live in Corvallis and have been a long time OSU fan. You can have DeCarolis. Much of the work that led to current day successes at OSU in athletics was done by the two previous AD’s. Bob is a bean counter with virtually zero people skills. He is good at infrastructure but usually takes the easiest path on hires. I have no doubt that Indiana will do well in both basketball and football with a different, more dynamic leader at the helm than Bob.

    By the way — someone said OSU is a football school — only since ’99 — we had 28 straight losing seasons in a row until then. Mitch Barnhardt hired both Dennis Erickson and Mike Riley, upgraded training facilities, retired much of our debt, and laid the ground work for our expanded stadium and improved sports facilities.

    Best of luck and GO Hoosiers!

    Mr. Happy

  10. Aruss, you’re a moron. Turn off the Fox News for a couple nights and engage in something that might actually expand your view of the world. It’s amazing what availing yourself of multiple points of view will do for your worldview.

    According to your logic, noone among the ‘mainstream media elites’ is any good at their job. So because you perceive the media as being of a different socio-political bent than you, you discount, even dismiss out of hand, the work of all media members. That’s patently ridiculous, even if the ‘liberal media’ brand has some merit; liberality or conservatism are neither mutually-exclusive with talent and adeptness at a profession.

    That said,let’s go McCain, and maybe this DeCarolis fellow could get IU headed in the right direction. (that expression of support for McCain was just for you, Aruss; see, you can support a Republican and not think everyone in the media is incompetent, really you can)

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