Athletic director press conference updates

Michael McRobbie and Fred Glass

The press conference is over. We’ll have further updates on and The Hoosier Scoop later today.

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In response to a question, McRobbie said IU has heard nothing from the NCAA about how soon the NCAA will rule on IU’s case.


Glass said it’s no accident that he mentioned compliance first among his priorities. He said IU will recruit well, but rules absolutely will be followed. He thinks the athletic department has long been very successful with its compliance efforts, but will find out more about what needs to be done to avoid a reoccurence of the problems of the past couple of years.

“We clearly have a dramatic and disturbing, well-documented exception to that,” he said.


Glass said he will integrate the athletic department into the university. That’s different than a very separate athletic department we’ve seen under Rick Greenspan that often had friction with other parts of the university.
Three priorities for Glass’ athletic department: Follow the rules. Academic achievement. Excellence in athletics.


Glass is talking about how he’s had many cool opportunities in his career. The best until today was helping represent Indianapolis in attracting the Super Bowl.

He said that as a Hoosier boy, he’s been an IU sports fan his whole life who met his wife at an IU football game and proposed to her at a different IU football game. He has IU in his blood, he said, but the reason he’s taking this job is because he loves to tackle big challenges.

“The opportunity to represent Indiana University as athletic director is the coolest thing I’ll get to do in my professional career,” he said.


Glass has taken the podium. He says it’s always great to be in Bloomington, but it’s especially great today.

Glass thanked McRobbie for a generous introduction. He mentioned that McRobbie, among a long list of Glass’ accomplishents, didn’t mention that Glass is also a notary public. “So I’ve got that going for me,” he joked.


President McRobbie started out by thanking Rick Greenspan for his service, highlighting the financial achievements and facility improvements under his watch.

McRobbie quoted Herman Wells, “Dream no small dreams,” in saying IU’s determined commitment to excellence includes its athletics program and the performance on and off the field. There were many criteria for choosing a new AD, related to a demand for excellence for its teams. Considering those criteria, McRobbie kept coming back to one person – Fred Glass.

McRobbie said Glass has shown a remarkable capacity for leadership and consensus-building in his work in Indianapolis, such as leading the first effort to bring the Super Bowl to Indy. He also highlighted that Glass is a lifelong Hoosier with two degrees from IU.


There are more people here than seats now. It’s about to get started. We’re going to hear from Michael McRobbie first, Fred Glass second and search committee chair Bill Stephan third. Then we’ll have about 20 minutes of questions.


With the announcement that Fred Glass will be Indiana’s next AD about 10 minutes away, IU staff and supporters, and members of the media are filing into the DeGault Alumni Center.

Bill Lynch and most of his assistant coaches have just come in, as have Tom Crean, Tracy Smith, Felisha Legette-Jack and Jerry Yeagley. There are probably about 200 people here.

We’ll have updates of the announcement here, as well as streaming video so you can watch it yourself.