Bill Lynch presser updates

Couple of injury updates: Cody Faulkner and Andrew McDonald will return to the offensive line. Andrew Means and Kellen Lewis are practicing a bit.

Left tackle Rodger Saffold’s out. Safety Austin Thomas is out. Those are tough losses for this team.

Thomas is getting an MRI today. It probably looks like he might be out for the year with an ACL injury, Lynch says.

Ben Chappell was pretty beat up after Saturday’s win against Northwestern. His injury: all of the above. He’s OK now. “You know Ben. He’s got a big smile on his face,” Lynch says.

Lynch isn’t sure who plays QB on Saturday if both Chappell and Lewis are healthy. “We feel like we have two good quarterbacks.”


Lynch isn’t sure what caused the strange delay of game penalties on Saturday. They apparently stemmed from mis-communication between the center and the quarterback. Remember that Pete Saxon has just recently moved to center.


Lynch isn’t sure what they’ll do at left tackle yet. They’ll continue shifting players around this week in practice.

Joe Kleinsmith and Brandon Mosely will play safety in place of Austin Thomas.


Lynch sees more verbal leaders developing on the team. Pete Saxon and Ben Chappell have stepped up on offense. The defense has several players who do the job, including Jammie Kirlew and Greg Brown and Austin Thomas and Matt Mayberry.


  1. Higgi,

    He was injured but returned to practice yesterday.

    Why he isn’t taking over for Thomas: he’s behind Joe Kleinsmith and Brandon Mosely on the depth chart.

  2. Who on this writing team has access to Lynch’s press conferences? Someone needs to ask what the deal is with Finch! When he’s in, on special teams, he makes plays. We have a former kicker playing in front of a guy touted as one of the best DB’s in the country out of high school. Help me please!

  3. Chris, I am not on the Finch bandwagon like I was but the way he has panned out and the way Lynch has gone about it, well it is just weird. Athletically, he is far superior to Klein and Mos. Thanks for all of the info and updates.

  4. Finch has missed several games due to injuries I believe.

    Also, despite being an uber-athlete that has huge big play ability, his overall play has been pretty lackluster in non-special teams play.

  5. Phil, not to disagree but he blew 2 assignments and one went for a touchdown. The 2 kids listed in front of him have done much worse but everyone noticed Finch because it went for a TD.

  6. If Finch is healthy there should be NO reason he isn’t starting.. I mean, we will be needing him there for the next 2 seasons right???

  7. Finch’s play so far at safety has been mediocre at best. He’s still learning to play safety. If you look at video of him at high school he played extremely deep and just reacted to the play in front of him. He’s just now learning real defensive schemes where he has to use his brain as much as his athletic ability.

  8. “Lynch isn’t sure who plays QB on Saturday if both Chappell and Lewis are healthy. We feel like we have two good quarterbacks”

    You have 1 QB, one WR/RB/?, the sooner you realize this, the better this team will be Lynch.

  9. Lewis gives us the best chance to win; and not playing a healthy Lewis is asking to lose.

  10. Finch has not impressed me at all this season….I think he is more worried about himself then the team, plus he’s a big showboat.

  11. Lynch is never knows anything for sure, hes clueless. I hate to say this but the fluke win was the worst thing that could of happened! Now we are stuck with this clueless idiot for at least a year. Fake punts,injured qb,trick plays (where in da hell where they earlier????) and 5 turnovers lead to a lucky 2 point victory. Lynch should buy a lottery ticket. In all honesty the game looked half rigged how bad Northwestern was playing. I’ve never seen a qb throw the ball backwards 10 yards like that in a couple of decades.

  12. Jimmy you must have some form of retardation if you are defending Lynch. Ask anyone who knows or has played any football at any level and you will found out Lynch is one if not the worse coach in D 1!

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