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Lynch saw a lot of Oklahoma State in Illinois this past weekend. They were explosive.

“It’s one of those where we didn’t play well enough but you have to give them some credit,” he said.

The Illini’s passing success, he says, was the result of the established running game. IU has been unable to stop that all year. It has also been unable to create the same effect. That, as simple as it sounds, is the story of the seaso

Now onto Ben Chappell, who made his first start.

“I thought Ben played well,” Lynch says. “He had a lot of pressure on him.”

He means from the defense. And Chappell did have to throw the ball away quite a few times. Lynch thinks Chappell, and this team, will play better in the future.

Lynch is lamenting the missed field goals in the first half.

“Maybe if we score there we slow them down a bit,” he says. “When you have a chance against a good football team, you have to score.”


Lynch expects Cory Faulkner and Andrew McDonald, the starting guards on Saturday, to be healthy for Northwestern. They were both dinged up a bit against Illinois. But Mike Reiter, a walk-on, played well in their place.

Quarterback Kellen Lewis is progressing. “He worked out more this week than he did last week,” Lynch says.

Saturday, the IU coaches will wear armbands in support of a charity that raises money to fight muscular dystrophy.

Up next, Rodger Saffold and Austin Thomas.


Here’s Rodger.

“Basically, it’s just very exciting,” he says of football.

Saffold says he is getting stronger. He’s been dealing with some sort of back injury all year.

Here’s Austin.

He has dealt with injuries this year, too. His leg.

“Over the past couple of weeks, they put up some big numbers on us,” he says about IU’s defense. “But we’re back working hard.”

Lynch is lauding Thomas for making so many tackles. He says IU’s defense is designed to have spillage to the safety, and that Thomas is the perfect player to make the stops.

Saffold says that the offensive line has become a close unit.

“Just to have someone there to say, ‘Hey, whatever goes on, I’ll be there with you,’ that has been important,” he says.

Fisch wants to know: Who is the biggest character on this team?

Thomas says it Kleinsmith. “He’s a wise guy.”

Saffold says its James Brewer and Mike Stark. “I can’t even keep a straight face just looking at ’em.”


Tom Crean is at the show.

OK. Onto academics. Saffold’s major is SPEA business management.

Thomas’ is criminal justice. Yeah, he’d be a good cop.

Thomas is taking Swahili. That’s cool.

Fisch has asked about the scout team. Of course Thomas has to say that Darius Willis is looking good and is going to be a great player. Way to stir it up a bit among the disgruntled fans, Austin.

Here’s the first caller. Mike from Indy.

He’s going to be honest. Uh oh.

“When do the coaches say this is a dissapointment and that everybody is not getting it done?”

Good question. Lynch says this season isn’t near over. They’re going to continue working hard. They’re still talking about a bowl game. “That’s not a done deal,” Lynch says.

“Those of us involved as players and coaches,” Lynch says, “you never give up.”

“All of our goals are still ahead of us,” Thomas says. “There’s no quit in this team.”

“I always have faith in my team,” Saffold says.

Fisch likes this attitude.

Here’s Greg in Madison. He’s impossible to understand.

Apparently he says, “Is there any way to get your team back on track?”

Lynch says he understands why the question was asked. But he thinks it can get back on track.

“Each one of us is excited to get back after it,” he says.

I’ll step away now. Jared may have another update from the show.


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