Choose your own adventure: IU football edition

After the game, Bill Lynch said he would examine every aspect of the program right now.

“You get done with a game like that you evaluate everything,” he said.

That includes “what we’re doing, who we’re playing, the different areas we’re really failing ourselves,” he said.

It’s clear that many of the most serious IU football fans (or at least the serious ones who like to be heard) believe Lynch has not done a sufficient job of coaching the team this year.

Let’s not bother discussing whether Lynch should be fired. There’s too much we don’t know — such as who the athletic director who would have to make that decision would be — to reasonably consider it.

What we can discuss is actual steps Indiana can take to improve now. So, evaluate everything. Then, outline your plan for making it better.


  1. I am so disappointed with IU football right now. IU comes out so flat, not inspired, no bounce in their step. I don’t get it. If it were a business, the responsibility would lay at the feet of the General Manager or CEO. Well, Lynch is the CEO of IU football. I can’t believe I am even saying this but IU ought to fire BL next week. Tell me, what would retaining him do? I know, 1st we need to check his contract and see if we have cause. Explain ot me why Lynch needs to check out the tape to see what is wrong with IU football? Uninspired play si the cause. No leadership! Heck, IU was more cometitive with Corso coaching! Come on IU, let’s do the right thing for the program!!

  2. Excuse my previous rant.

    IU needs to evaluate the players AND the coaches. In the 1st Qtr. Sat. IU simply could not block anyone on Iowa’s DL, especially their Left DT; and yet, we kept running that way time after time. I would evaluate the blocking techniques we utilze, or don’t utilize. Next, put in a few plays that Chappell can run… 5-8 yd. roll outs to the TE. This gets Chappell moving and gives him options. Work with Chappell and his reads. For a few plays in the 3rd Qtr. Chappell had the team moving but a fumble interupted a nice set of plays. Work on securing the ball when our QBs run. Stretch the field side to side with rollout/run/pass options and then punch it down field every now and again with 15-20 yeard passes. I’d like to know what our Off. coaches think, or how they evaluate or choose what to run. What I see and what they see are completely different. What they got ain’t workin’. Simplify the play book and run a half dozen or so plays extremely well. I know IU isn’t USC, but USC used to run “student Body” right and left all day long. They’d tell the other team this is the play we’re running, try to stop it. I think we makew the game more comlicated than it needs to be.

  3. I have discussed how I would change and use personnel in the offense, but all the adjustments in the world won’t work until there is coaching changes made.

    They look flat, unprepared, and like they have no belief in themselves. That is coaching, plain and simple.

    I know that isn’t what you wanted Chris.

  4. I would open up the offense–use the screen pass, play action fakes, and the deep throw. I would get under center more, and out of the glorious spread. Formations that indicate the play that’s coming put our offense at a disadvantage. How about some motion before the snap? Can we a least TRY to get the ball to Thigpen out in space?

    Finally, I would decide on a QB, and limit the number of QB runs in a game (scrambles or by design) to no more than 30 a game. What does it say to all the rest of your offensive players when your game plan is for the QB to run the ball?

    No huddle? Come on. That has been a joke. We spend more time shuttling players in and out on gameday than worrying about what they are doing while they are playing. I think our Oline needs to huddle.

    We need somethin.

    The enthusiasm from this group is gone. They had bought into Coach Hep. I know that BL is not Hep, but go to The Walk, and look into the same players’ eyes. It’s not there. He inspired them. They are not inspired now.

    I would so love to be wrong. I would love for them to win 5 or 6 more, and stick it in my face.

    I’ll be back at the Rock in 2 weeks to see if it happens.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  5. If you want to know what to do, go watch Bloomington South play on Friday night.

    They run the same play book as IU does. Except the South coaching staff has a big brass pair and will use more than 3 freaking plays.

    Unlike Thigpen, their fastest player (Morris) is a receiver, their running back (Blackwell) is the kind of back that Payton is, and their QB (Etnier) is cut from a similar mold as Chappell.

    They also use their other main receiver (Washington) that will go over the middle, he reminds you of a Belcher type.

    Bottom line is this, South knows how to use their horses, they put them in the right places to make plays. Again, comes down to coaching decisions.

  6. Chris,

    Can we seriously try to do something to help IU consider selling tickets for Homecoming for maybe 5 or 10 dollars? I mean no one in they’re right mind is willing to pay the 39 dollars(and don’t forget the “deal” of $15 for parking) to see a second-rated team. I’m an alum, and I’m sure that many other alum are deterred from coming back for the game because of ticket prices. In my opinion, I don’t see any other alternative to filling the stands unless there is gonna be some kind of price break.

    I know that IU has probably heard this MANY times before, but something has to be done.

  7. I think the problem is the spread. They (the coaches) thought that by practicing nothing but spread they would get good at it. Pass blocking is easier than run blocking, so if your O-line is maybe not the best recruits in the conference they may still be successful. And when defenses spread out with the O it opens running lanes for Lewis. But a funny thing happened, the offense spread out and the opposing defenses didn’t spread with them. They said “Make Lewis beat us with his arm” and he hasn’t.
    IU needs some non-spread sets, but are there any quality fullbacks? When you go into a year expecting spread what do you do with those guys?

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