Crean to address IU student body


I’m bumping this up to remind you of this opportunity (because it’s on Monday) and also inform you of a second chance to see Tom Crean in as many days.

IU’s new men’s basketball coach will also appear at Chalk Talk on Tuesday night.

Here’s a release on that.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean will answer questions from students and fans at the third installment of Chalk Talk on Tuesday, October 7, 2008. The event will begin at 7:00 at the Hoosier Den. The Hoosier Den is located in Gresham Hall at Foster Quad. The event is free and open to the public. and All Access contributor Jeremy Gray will host the event and Coach Crean will take questions from the crowd for an hour. Questions can range from inquiries about this year’s team, to his coaching background, to basic questions about strategy and philosophy. Chalk Talk is a program conducted in conjunction with IU Sports Properties and RPS.

Chalk Talk will feature a variety of coaches and players over the course of the school year and fans can join the ‘Chalk Talk’ group on Facebook.

The release about Crean’s talk at the IU Auditorium can be found after the jump.


Tom Crean will give a free public talk at the IU Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Oct. 6. Here are the details from IU’s press release today:

Bloomington, IN – On Wednesday, the Indiana Memorial Union Board announced that Coach Tom Crean will give his first public address to the Indiana University student body on Monday, October 6 at 7 pm at the IU Auditorium. The lecture will be free to the public and will conclude with an extended question and answer session.

“For years, Union Board invited the men’s basketball coach to speak to students and preview the upcoming season,” Andrew Dahlen, Union Board Lectures Director, said. “Union Board is proud to revive this tradition as Coach Crean begins a new era in IU Men’s Basketball. The lecture will give Coach Crean the opportunity to address the team’s most passionate fan base. Students will get direct answers about where he wants to take the program and how he plans to rebuild it.”

In his remarks, Crean will discuss his vision for the IU Men’s Basketball program, recruiting highlights, his expectations for the upcoming season, and transitioning into his new position. He will also give his thoughts on leadership and what it means to be a Hoosier. At the end of his prepared remarks, Crean will take questions from students in attendance.

The lecture will be co-sponsored by the IU Auditorium, Indiana Athletics, Council for Advancing Student Leadership, and the Center for Student Leadership Development.

“Union Board and the lecture’s co-sponsors are committed to giving IU students the opportunity to interact with the new coach and get an inside look at IU’s most storied athletic program”, Dahlen said. “By breathing new life into this IU tradition, Union Board is once again transforming the Hoosier experience, one program at a time.”

The Indiana Memorial Union Board has brought thousands of programs to the IU community since its inception in 1909. Union Board is comprised of 16 student and four non-student directors responsible for campus programming that entertains and educates the IU community and is the governing body of the Indiana Memorial Union. The Indiana Memorial Union Board offices are located in room 270 of the Student Activities Tower in the Indiana Memorial Union. For more information about Union Board, call (812) 855-4682 or email



  1. What? Free? No! He wouldn’t do that for free, would he? Are you sure about this? He gets like 50k a month from IU and he’s giving this away for free?

  2. Am I pleased that he got a pay raise before the first game? No. Am I pleased that he is reviving a tradition that RMK did at IU for so long? Yes. Is Coach Crean trying to bring back IU to the glory that it was for so long? Yes. Not many coaches would go before the fans and just answer questions without them being screened by someone ala phone in shows.

  3. Sha Lameel,

    You sound like you are just a little jealous or hold some animosity over how much money Crean makes. He has certainly proven he can coach at this level and win games.

    Try to get over your petty emotions and think back to the time when the basketball coach and the student body had a positive relationship.

    You should be supporting Crean for doing the right things and not whining about how much money he makes.

  4. Glad to see the Council for Advancing Student Leadership (CASL) involved. I thought all they did was that cardboard boat race each fall.

  5. I’m impressed! Sounds like he’ll be talking about every issue pertinent to the program and then some (especially during the Q & A session). You’ve gotta love the way the guy has embraced the job, with all its challenges, traditions, and expectations. Despite the dismal projections for this season’s team, I hope the rest of Hoosier Nation is 1/2 as fired up as Coach Crean is. It’ll be a nice warm-up for Midnight Madness, too. Can’t wait to hear him! Hopefully the initial response will be large enough that they have to move it to Assembly Hall and let him speak under the banners.

  6. It’s really remarkable what Crean’s been able to do in such a short time… Our top 5 ’09 class is almost complete already, and the ’08 season is still almost 2 months away. And the outlook on the upcoming season might be dismal, but watching these new guys play has to be exciting for a real fan. i can’t wait to see what they can do!!

  7. Congratulations Coach on a terrific decision.

    Chronic Hoosier: Put me down in your “fired up” club!

    Did Davis and/or Sampson do this also? I really don’t know.

  8. I would counter, Joe, that the squillion dollars that Crean makes is obscene. If he needs my support with that kind of jack, this team is in for trouble.

  9. Sha, you are missing the point. He does not need you! The players need you and your support but it sounds like you won’t be a fan because the coach makes to much money. Now to me that is obscene!

  10. Sha Lameel,

    Your the one who is “obscene” Aka IN SHAMBLES!Finding a great coach for this job, was like trying to sell ice to eskimos!! We had to throw “that kind of jack” at anyone, just to get serious candidates consideration.

    Think before ya speak.

  11. I thought plenty before I spoke. I thought about the lack of black business students at Kelley Business School and the new initiative getting 2 mos. of his salary. It’s okay, you go on using black students for your fragile egos, nevermind their futures. Apparently your ethics are IN SHAMBLES, big boys!!

  12. I totally support the team and coaches but…
    Get ready for IU to be calling you for a contribution to one of their “fundraisers”. Nothing is free, there are a lot of salaries to be paid.

  13. Wisco. -yes they are! They call all the time out here on the east coast.

    Too many coaches salaries to pay for before I begin to really contribute again. Sorry IU, but I owe enough money to you…. -it will be a few years before I contribute again.

  14. I hear ya. I don’t think that seperates us from anyone else. We’re probably poorer than the football-rich schools, but other than that it seems par for the course.

    Who are you referring to? Most of our paying old coaches is done, if I recall correctly.

    Also, have you donated to the athletic department before? If not, it is probably the IU Foundation calling wanting support for academic programs. Athletics is entirely seperate, and I don’t believe they cold call people who havent donated to them in the past.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there, maybe the H-T guys can update us on if IU is still paying former employees.

  15. Sha Lameel,

    I would think that you’d be pleased to have a coach who will insist that his players have a degree when their eligibility is used up. Given that most of the players are black, often from lower income backgrounds, that would seem to be a benefit for them. A degree from a major university at no cost to the recipient of the degree is no small thing. Thus your hostility seems misplaced and disproportionate to the perceived injustice of the situation, which is questionable at best.

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