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Here’s a story I’ve written for tomorrow’s paper. Just wanted to post it up here quickly for you guys. I’ll share more thoughts once we’ve finished covering this Illinois game.

Here’s a link to blog entries from the Corvallis Gazette Times newspaper about this issue. There are several on the page.


By Chris Korman
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Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis, a top candidate to become Indiana’s next athletic director according to several Herald-Times sources, issued a statement Saturday saying that he would not comment on IU’s search process.
By doing so, he acknowledged that he is part of that process.
“At this time it would not be appropriate for me to respond to rumors and speculation about the position of director of athletics at Indiana University,” the statement said. “Officials at Indiana University have this process for this position and I want to respect it. Therefore, I do no wish to make any comments that might directly or indirectly compromise this process. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”
De Carolis did not respond to an e-mail sent to him by The Herald-Times early last week.

A search committee led by Bill Stephan, the university’s vice president for engagement, has been at work searching for Rick Greenspan’s replacement since early August. Greenspan announced he would retire at the end of the year on June 26, the same day the university revealed it had been charged with the major violation of failing to monitor it’s men’s basketball team.
Stephan and his committee members have not spoken publicly about their search.
Sources close to the athletic department told the Herald-Times that a new athletic director could be named as early as this week, though university president Michael McRobbie will ultimately make the final decision.
Scott Dolson, who currently runs the Varsity Club, is believed to be the top internal candidate for the position and has the support of several current Indiana coaches who believe continuity — and an intimate knowledge of Indiana’s history — is important.
Dolson was a manager for the basketball team under Bob Knight, and has worked for the Varsity Club since 1989.
De Carolis has been the athletic director at Oregon State since 2002, when he was promoted into the position being vacated by Mitch Barnhart, who left to become the athletic director at Kentucky.
De Carolis does have experience in the Big Ten, though; he spent 19 years on the athletics department staff at Michigan prior to moving to Corvallis. His daughter, Lyndsay, currently plays on the women’s soccer team at Michigan.
According to De Carolis’ bio on the Oregon State athletics Web site, he “has developed and executed the financial recovery plan that helped the OSU Department of Athletics eliminate a $12.5 million accumulated deficit and grow the overall budget by more than $20 million.  At the same time, the department was able to not only maintain competitive teams, but also had its first winning football season in nearly three decades” and “its first winning men’s basketball season in 15 years.”


  1. Job #3. Hope that someone kicks NCAA President Miles Brand upstairs again for incompetent performance of duties.

    After all, he was kicked upstairs from IU to the NCAA for the crappy job he did in dealing with our athletic program, ruining all our athletic teams, seemingly in perpetuity.

  2. Job #5: Get an A.D. who hires a FB coach who can … a) lead, b) assess FB talent, c) motivate college players, d) be creative in how to approach a football season, e) assemble a staff who can assist in doing of the above.

  3. In all seriousness, this guy turned a 12 million deficit into a 20 million surplus at a football school. So he knows where the funding needs to come from so hopefully we get this guy in here to get this football team going.

  4. Lynch is awful. He has erased all the positive energy and momentum Hep put into this program. Weare now back to the Cameron/Dinardo/late Mallory years where we are blown out every week and always look unprepared.

    Let’s get someone who has coached meaningful D1 ball, not some Ball State reject.

  5. ” all the coaches had a meeting and took a vote — the results of which were taken to Jerry Yeagley and Tom Crean — saying in effect that they would like to have an internal candidate take the job”

    Sound like the coach’s edition of the old player ultimatums that cause IU to hire Davis and try to force Iu to keep McCallum. It is beyond me why anyone would want the Director of the Alumni Association over and experience proven AD.

    Hire smart not one of the ” Good Ole’ Boys” that have proven disastrous !!!

  6. where did you find that quote? If that is what IU i thinking, we are going to be further screwed…if thats evenpossible

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