1. Seeing that IU is an academic institution, Id say making more or similar to the president is not being underpaid.

  2. These dollars are not general fund dollars. The AD salary is funded through athletics revenue and fundraising.

  3. Right, Jaded. Good contribution. I’m sure the 38,000+ students that aren’t involved with athletics and the hundreds of teachers who seem not to even like athletics, are there just to make it seem like a real school.

    Go back to the Indy Star’s comments’ section where they all appreciate the particularly low-browed, bitter, non-sense from anonymous internet trolls like you.

  4. Sounds like a decent choice. I personally was rooting for Scott Dolson, but I don’t know the others in the running. He has his work cut out for him. At least Greenspan has the budget back in the black.

  5. IU is a good academic school and is a good athletic school for a few of the sports. But AD now raise money all the time and he seems to have both the connections in Indy and the IU tradition that we need. We dont need to have an ex athlete run the place, just someone that can mind the store and make sure that the events of the past 2 yrs do not happen ever again.

    Of course if the BOT keeps their nose out of who they hire for the Coaching staff, that will help too……

  6. Seems like a valuable asset to IU. All I know about him is what I’ve read online. I’m just glad we can start moving forward…

  7. Look at that picture. McRobbie is staring directly at Glass’s toupee, thinking “Oh my god – why did I hire that guy? What a sellout to the bald community!” Seriously folks, someone who has to cover up like that immediately raises warning signals.

  8. Right… keep singing the praises of the academics and talking down on athletics. We rank in the 70s in the US News rankings for academics. However we rank 23rd in America’s Best Sports Colleges (CNNSI). When you think of Indiana you think of Bob Knight, Hoosiers, and basketball, not of academics.

  9. On the surface it looks like a great choice for AD. Now let’s all pray that it works out that way. We’ve had too many that went south on us and set this U’s sports programs back decades. Good luck Fred.

  10. When you think of Duke, you think of basketball and when you think of Notre Dame, you think of football. Are those schools poor also? The fact that you think of those things is a product of our sports-obsessed culture and the news media.

    Outside of PR and fundraising, athletics have little impact on education. I don’t feel my degree is worth any less because the football team struggled while I was there.

    One step further, I’d say that IU needs to creep up some in the rankings. But, that ranking has nothing to do with a focus on athletics of whatever you’re trying to claim.

  11. “While he admitted he hasn’t been following the situation closely, Glass said he knows “we uncharacteristically have tickets available in basketball.”

    Sounds like a real IU fan. Doesn’t even know hat has been going on???

    The only thing I don’t understand is how IU slipped up and didn’t hire a smooth talking, BS hack lawyer as Basketball coach. Evidently experience in being what you are hired for is less important than being a lawyer who will easily fit into the vacant “Good Ole’ Boy” position that is available.

    I guess one of his past lawyer buddies can become the next IU Football coach as soon as the fans demand Lynch’s firing. Then we will be even better at IU Athletics for excuses and double talk and trying to persuade us that IU is really doing well.

  12. On the one hand F. Glass seems one to bring more straightforwardness to the athletic department. 🙂

    OTOH I wonder what he used to earn. (Academic connections allow one to live a better quality- of-life on less money.) No one is saying how many yachts or mansions around the country (“ask my wife”) he has. //inquiring minds…

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