1. In case you were wondering Gordon in LA is the reason why Kobe is considering playing in Europe. He doesn’t want to have to share the town with EJ.

  2. BA, pppppleease. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.. Shaq was so much bigger than Kobe when he was on the Lakers and look who left. Kobe is fifty notches above EJ…

  3. Dynasty,
    That was a joke btw. I think EJ will be a big star in this league though. It’s funny being in LA and there is absolutely no hype at all that the Clippers got EJ. He will definitely surprise a lot of people here.

  4. FYI, on JMV the Drive in Indy, Gordon was on the air a couple hours prior to THIS exact game and JMV asked if he wanted to give his family and or some friends a “hello” before he signed off…….he said “I want to say hello and thank you to my fellow hoosier fans, they are a big part of me”……and you are going to have the nerve to say “he was most definitely NOT a hoosier”??? You are looney. Not only that but when JMV asked what he missed most about back home, he said he missed IU basketball. The kid did exactly what we expected him to do and now people dog him. Give me a break.

  5. Amen WHAT?. I think some people can’t seperate him from Sampson. He’s an Indiana kid and I mean the state not the university who played for IU and was so good he is in the NBA now. What’s not to like?

  6. I can’t fault a hoosier fan for not having a sense of humor at this time in the program’s history. I really hope he does well in the NBA and provides a good image for Indiana, we really haven’t had many good IU NBA players, and White and Gordon are the 2 that could be great players

  7. 33 points is an outstanding performance in any level of basketball. Especially the NBA. I must say I am surprised.

  8. It doesn’t surprise me: EJ is all about putting up numbers when nothing is on the line. Wait ’till games start to mean something (will they ever, with the Clippers?) and you will see a different Gordon.

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