1. Same ole sorry a$$ loosiers! Its obvious this coaching staff is the biggest failure in the big ten, for god sake FIRE LYNCH!

  2. This year is EXACTLY what I predicted last year, despite the fact that I was roundly criticized for saying what I was saying. 1 BT championship in over 100 yrs of playing? Even the University of Chicago has more ……………….groan

  3. I said it all last year that lynch was a mistake and not qualified. IU is a joke once again. Everything Hep did has been lost. We are worse off than with dinerdo.

  4. Firing Lynch will not happen. Who would fire him? Greenspan is a lame duck. Is there any redemptive value in whats left of the season?

  5. I attended the game against Iowa last week, Memorial Stadium fans felt so disspirited and emotionless, I felt sad when I left.
    We need Change ONLY after Greenspan leave!!!

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